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New GM in game, welcome!

Hello ExaySRO,

We have few new GMs in game, welcome to:


Have fun!!!


posted by Navmesh - 12-Oct-2017 15:41

Server login problem for some regions

Hello ExaySRO,
Today 25 September ~16:00 Server time some players may have problem with connection to server.
Hosting provider have some issues with their network
and they told me that will be resolved asap.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.


posted by Navmesh - 25-Sep-2017 14:21

ExaySRO PVP event.

Hello ExaySRO,
This Sunday, 13.08.2017, at 21:00 server time after Fortress War, we will host PVP event.
You can learn details and register here : Forums: Registration to PVP event at 13.08 2017

Good luck!!!


posted by Navmesh - 07-Aug-2017 21:08

Letters event and +20 scrolls

Hello ExaySRO,
In first place, LETTERS event has been enabled.
Main reward will be "Weapon upgrade scroll +20" and Immortal D14 Bound
This scroll will upgrade your Weapon to +20 (No AdvD) or +24 if AdvD is in use (example your weapon is +10 AdvD in use after using this scroll will be +24)
Next wave of events should bring new scrolls in game and if enough time GDF

Other things that was updated:
* Fixed Icons for some weapon D14 that was broken in last update.
* Removed XMAS Tree from towns, winter login screen removed also.
* Fixed some CH and EU Skill animation (Spirit Ruiner, Body Humper, Justice Cross maybe others)
* Fixed all Skills CH/EU Name + Description
* CH Lightning "Flash Speed" now have more % than Grass walk.

Have fun!!!


posted by Navmesh - 14-Apr-2017 14:51

14 April Maintenance

Hello ExaySRO,
Maintenance done, server online.
Start your launcher to update client before login, patch was applied.
Letters event has been enabled, more detailed information about this update will be posted in few hours.

Have fun!!!


posted by Navmesh - 14-Apr-2017 13:42

Login Panel

Server Information

Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.56% China
Euro 44.44% Euro

Online:82 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999x

Gold & Drop75x


IP Limit4

hotan Hotan 20% Tax Mortals

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

ManuelRoss owned TheSweet

ManuelRoss owned TheSweet

ManuelRoss owned TheSweet

GlacticHeart owned Look_

GlacticHeart owned Look_

GlacticHeart owned Look_

GlacticHeart owned Look_

Look_ owned GlacticHeart

Look_ owned GlacticHeart

GlacticHeart owned Look_


TheSweet: WTB SHIELD +20 OR +21 PM ME



_Sllayer: wtb letters

ZePikeno: Wts Any Weapon D14 +35 Wts Any Shield D14 +35


ZePikeno: Wts any weapon D14 +35

_DmG_: WTB +20 scrolls WTB letter

Like2Kill: WTB 2500 SILK

Baraba: WTB China Shield 14d +20

Unique kill history

Hausmeister killed Demon Shaitan [Titan]

Scooby_Doo killed Harrison

Scooby_Doo killed Launatune

Scooby_Doo killed Demon Shaitan

Scooby_Doo killed Tiger Girl

Skeleton_Key killed Kidemonas

Skeleton_Key killed Demon Venefica

Skeleton_Key killed Thief Boss Kalia

Sekthme killed Venefica

Skeleton_Key killed Giant Overlord