Server News

16 May update, Avatars in letters, Max Reborn 90

Hello ExaySRO,
Maitenance done, server online.

* LAST 1 bonus added to all Weapons and Shields +39 ADV (or +35 no ADV) or lower.
* Flags blues added to new flags this week.
* Letters reward changed, removed +20 Weapon scroll, Immortal D14 and Pets (Gorilla and Jaguar). This rewards was replaced with 4 Avatars parts (2 Male and 2 Female) that will drop only this week. This Avatars will be tradeable but you cannot store them in Pet or Storage and Guild Storage.

** Max Reborn cap increase, now is 90.

Have fun!!!

posted by Navmesh - 16-May-2018 16:15

12 May Maintenance, 2 Pets in letters

Hello ExaySRO,

Maitenance done, server online.
1 + 1 Added to all Weapons and Shields +39 ADV (or +35 no ADV) or lower
Flag stats added to missing one
New pets added in letters, pick pet Jaguar and attack pet Silverback (Gorilla)

Have fun!!!

posted by Navmesh - 12-May-2018 13:13

25 April Maintenance, New pet, Reborns cap 70

Hello ExaySRO,

Maintenance done and server is online.
Some info about today update:

In letters rewards
* Pikachu pet was replaced with Charmander.
* Sabakun`s Jewel was replaced with Astral stone D14

+1 bonus plus for all Weapons and Shields D14/D14 Bound/ Egy A/B +39(+35 no AdvD) in game. This was 2nd bonus plus, 3 more left.

Added blues to Flags from this week

Reborns max cap increased to 70, when 100+1 players will reach 70 Reborns we will increase it to 80.

Have fun!!!

posted by Navmesh - 25-Apr-2018 15:34

Double tokens with Bitcoins/Litecoins

Hello ExaySRO,

Tokens for Bitcoins/Litecoins are now at 2x bonus now.

100€ in Bitcoins = 125 x2 = 250 Tokens + 375.000 x5 = 1.875.000 Silks
50€ in Bitcoins = 63 x2 = 125 Tokens + 150.000 x5 = 750.000 Silks
25€ in Bitcoins = 31 x2 = 62 Tokens + 75.000 x5 = 375.000 Silks
10€ in Bitcoins = 12 x2 = 24 Tokens + 25.000 x5 = 125.000 Silks

100$ in Bitcoins = 100 x2 = 200 Tokens + 300.000 x5 = 1.500.000 Silks
50$ in Bitcoins = 50 x2 = 100 Tokens + 130.000 x5 = 650.000 Silks
25$ in Bitcoins = 25 x2 = 50 Tokens + 60.000 x5 = 300.000 Silks
10$ in Bitcoins = 10 x2 = 20 Tokens + 20.000 x5 = 100.000 Silks

With Tokens you can get Max plus Weapon/Shield/Armor Set and Accessories set.

Weapon +41, 100% stats = 50 tokens
Shield +41, 100% stats = 50 tokens
Full Set +31 (6 parts) 100% stats = 75 tokens
Full Accessories +31 (4 parts) 100% stats = 75 tokens

Check Tokens system for more information or email/pm in Telegram.

Have fun!!!

posted by Navmesh - 19-Apr-2018 08:48

19 April Maintenance, Events start, Pikachu pet

Hello ExaySRO,

Maintenance done, server online, update your client with Silkroad.exe
Letters event has been restarted, all old letters was converted to Exay coins.
Collect new letters E X A Y and bring to So-Ok for rewards, here is the list:

Regular drops:
* Global chat
* Skill edit potions
* Scroll DMG Abs/Inc 30%
* Berserker Regeneration Potion
* Exay Silk Coins
* MP +10000 scroll
* HP +10000 scroll
* Repair Hammers
* Gender switch tool
* Resurrection scroll 100%
* Super scroll (Moving Speed 400%)
* Super scroll (Accuracy 100%)
* Super scroll (Evasion 100%)

Rare drops:
* LC Coins (500kk Gold)
* Sabakun`s Jewel
* Weapon Upgrade Scroll +20
* Magic stone of immortal(tradeable)
Event drop

* Pikachu pet scroll (ability)

Other updates:
* Bonus +1 weekly for D14 Weapons and Shields for 5 weeks for items +39 or lower
If you had +39, now will be +40, but next week you will not get bonus,
all the rest will get +1 again (4 left)

* Flag stats has been added, right now will update them manually every week, later there will be scrolls from Uniq drop to add blue options to your flag, will be 2 types of scrolls, Basic with stats 7/7 STR/INT & 1000/1000 HP/MP and Advanced with 8/8 STR/INT & 1500/1500 HP/MP (maybe also a silks scroll with 9/9 STR/INT & 1700/1700 HP/MP & HP/MP Regen)

* Quests Ong & Kokoru from Newbie town will give now 10 JC each, also fixed quest, killing Ongs will not finish and Kokoru quest, you will have to do them separately.

Next week I will add another pet to Letters event, Charmander and after 2 weeks another pick-pet Jaguar (we have Jaguar growth pet now).
New Avatars will also be available soon, check for news when will be added to find it first :)

Have fun!!!

posted by Navmesh - 18-Apr-2018 22:10

Rates for EXP x5, Rates for Silks x3-x5, Discount for Items and Rollbacks

Hello ExaySRO,

Rates for EXP/Gold/Drop are increased now (x5), so we have now 5000x EXP
Rates for Silks x3 (x5 with Bitcoins) are available now - check Silks page.
Items for Tokens are at 25-50% Discount - check Tokens system.
Rollback for Weapons and Shields are at 50% Discount - check Rollback system.

Have fun!!!

posted by Navmesh - 17-Apr-2018 19:12

Dragon Flag system, Max reborns 50, Egy wep & Shields +30 at NPC

Hello ExaySRO,
Maintenance done and server is online, start Silkroad.exe to get last patch and avoid problems with crash or missing content.

Info about today update:

* Dragon flags system added.
Buy Dimension hole from "Event NPC" in Shops area (just 13 golds)
Talk with NPC "Hunter Associate Ahmok" from Hotan
Choose quest Nr.9 "The Burning Abyss Collection"
Right click your Dimension Hole (Dragon Flag - Quest) and enter dungeon.
Collect all 8 Talismans and you will be able to get Dragon Flag (Male or Female at your choice)
This is one time quest, one char can do it only once!!! (same like with D14 weapons)
P.S. Stats for flags will be in next update.

* Max Reborns increased to 50, all reborns are free now (1-50),
After 100 players reach 50 Reborns, we will increase max reborns to 60.

* Egy weapons and shields from "Item Mall and Egy" NPC will be +30 after you buy & teleport or relog. Item will go to 0 if you fail alchemy like any other item in game.
* Fixed Devil Spirit at +10 now have same stats as Angel Spirit.
* All +20 scrolls from Inventory was converted in Immo D14 (tradeable)
* Removed all Letters but forgot to disable quest and drop, maybe tomorrow ;)
Next NEW letters event will start in April at ExaySRO 5 years birthday.
* And most important update, removed Snowman storage from Samarkand xD * other things I don`t remember... and some things for next update.

Have fun!!!

posted by Navmesh - 07-Mar-2018 00:34

How to get +45 Weapon and +35 Set if you purchased silks in the past or plan to do it

Hello ExaySRO,
It's time to reward the players who helped ExaySRO for all this years (almost 5)!

Bitcoins 1 € = 1,25 Tokens

Bitcoins 1$ = 1 Token
ExaySRO full

Item list:
Weapon +41, 100% stats = 100 tokens
Full Set (6 parts) 100% stats = 100 tokens
Full Accessories (4 parts) 100% stats = 100 tokens

* EU weapons have or Phy or Mag stats, but they will be 100% doesn't matter what item you get and if use later scroll to change to another type, stats remain 100%
* Blues option only STR & INT
* All items are without AdvD, you have to buy and add it. This items are at maximum allowed plus, so you can't make them higher plus.

Check your OLD tokens in Account CP after you login

For ALL old players that have purchased silks in 2013-2017 (2018 who used bitcoins before this system was added get and silks and tokens), I will award bonus tokens, for every 10.000 Silks you will get 1 token, this way you can be rewarded for your contribution toward server!

* Count only Silks from 2013-2017 (2018 who used bitcoins before this system was added get and silks and tokens).
* Count only Silks you have purchased, not transfer from other players
* You can get maximum 300 Tokens to purchase 1 Weapon or Shield (not both), Full Set, Full Accessories.
* You can't choose to get 3 weapons, or 3 armor sets or 3 acc sets for 300 tokens, you can get just ONE of each type (1 wep/shield, 1 full armor set, 1 full acc set)
* You can't get more than 300 tokens even if you have purchased silks on more accounts, but you can sum silks from more accounts to get up to 300 tokens in total.

P.S. If you will not have enough tokens to buy Items, you can purchase new tokens and sum with old one, or you can exchange them for silks, 1 token = 1000 Silks. To buy tokens with silks rates are 10.000 Silks for 1 token.

posted by Navmesh - 25-Feb-2018 01:27

Alchemy update, new set/acc scrolls and +11 D14 at NPC

Hello ExaySRO,
Maintenance done and server is online, start Silkroad.exe to get last patch and avoid problems with crash or missing content.

Some info about update, most important is Alchemy that many was asking for last years :)

* Alchemy has increased by 23%, this is acquired by using Premium + Lucky Buff + Powder (and mainly for D13/D14)

* All Weapons D14/D13 in game that was lower +26(+22 no AdvD) was upgraded to +26(+22 no AdvD)
* All D13 Set parts/Accessories that was lower +20(+16 no AdvD) was upgraded to +20(+16 no AdvD)
* All D14 Set parts/Accessories that was lower +16(+12 no AdvD) was upgraded to +16(+12 no AdvD)
* All D14 Set parts and Accessories from NPC are +11 when you buy them, so you can get easy +15 now

* NPC "Silk Item Scrolls" have now new scrolls in tab "Set/Acc", you can change your Set parts or Accessories from Chinese to Euro, change set part to any other type (ex: Protector hands to EU Ligh Hands). For Accessories you can also change Ring to Necklace (or earrings) with both Chinese or Euro

* Glows for +41-45 was updated, let us know if you have any suggestion

This all was in today update.
Here is a information about next one that will be next week.

* Some glows may be revised
* All letters will be deleted on 3 March, before next event start for ExaySRO 5 years birthday
* All unused +20 scrolls will be converted in Immortals D14
* Max Reborn count will be increased

Also, Exp/Drop/Gold is back to default values until Exay BD.
+20 weapon scrolls not drop from letter anymore, use the one you have until 3 March or they will be converted in immortals D14 and letters deleted.

posted by Navmesh - 24-Feb-2018 21:34

New Rollback system, Set and accessories

Hello ExaySRO,

As I told you before, there will be some changes in Rollback system.
But first, Item / Accessories change (exchange system) will not be available for some time.

Let's get back to Rollbacks.

For Weapons and Shields
Before: 1,2,3 paid - 4th free rollback
Now: 1,2,3 paid - 4th free rollback +1 bonus plus, 10th Rollback bonus +5
For example you have failed at +33 (to +34), you get free 4th rollback and item +34
If this was your 10th rollback and your item was +33 you will get +38 item after rollback.
If your item is +43 and you have 10th rollback with +5 bonus, you will get only +45 max plus allowed.
MAX WEAPON/SHIELD PLUS is limited to +45 with AdvD or +41 without AdvD (was +40). 41-45 rollback price 100k
All this applies only for new rollbacks from 23 January 2018.

For Set parts and Accessories

Rollback price for Set part or Accessories will be = with item plus.
Example: you failed Hands or Ring from +15 to +16, rollback to +15 will cost 15000 (+16 will be 16000 and so on).
Every 4th rollback is free and bonus +1 to item.
Every 10th rollback is free and bonus +3 to item.
For Set parts and Accessories rollbacks will be limited to 10 tries only!
MAX Set part/Accessories PLUS is limited to +35 with AdvD or +31 without AdvD.

Egy NPC 10k items bonus plus and rollbacks not available anymore from today.

For any questions you can contact me on email: Click to send or in Telegram @Navmesh

posted by Navmesh - 23-Jan-2018 20:14

Letters event and +20 scrolls

Hello ExaySRO,
In first place, LETTERS event has been enabled.
Main reward will be "Weapon upgrade scroll +20" and Immortal D14 Bound
This scroll will upgrade your Weapon to +20 (No AdvD) or +24 if AdvD is in use (example your weapon is +10 AdvD in use after using this scroll will be +24)
Next wave of events should bring new scrolls in game and if enough time GDF

Other things that was updated:
* Fixed Icons for some weapon D14 that was broken in last update.
* Removed XMAS Tree from towns, winter login screen removed also.
* Fixed some CH and EU Skill animation (Spirit Ruiner, Body Humper, Justice Cross maybe others)
* Fixed all Skills CH/EU Name + Description
* CH Lightning "Flash Speed" now have more % than Grass walk.

Have fun!!!


posted by Navmesh - 14-Apr-2017 14:51

[Event] ExaySRO 4 Years online!!!

Hello ExaySRO,
So we did it, 4 years online!!!

Today maintenance will have first wave of Birthday & Easter events.
0) New website design, please report any issue on forums or Telegram, or email, all my contacts available here Server Team
1) Rates for Exp/Gold/Drop and Voting are 4x
2) Rates for Silks are 3x, Silks for Bitcoins 4x
3) Letters from prev event (St. Valentine) will be deleted on 13 April, when will start BD+Easter Letters event
4) You can change your letters now at So-Ok, IMMO Bound will drop
5) Letters do not drop anymore, you can change only the one you have in inventory.

What's next, in 2 days will start new letters event, so please use all your old letters or they will be deleted.
In new letters event you will be able to drop Immortals Bound, Scroll +20 for Weapons (only).

Also will be added possibility to drop/find/get Dragon flags.

More scrolls to change Armor/Accessories will be added too.

One more event Area to go in Party to drop random goodies.

Something more that will be announced later :)

Events for Exp 4x and Vote 4x , Silks 3x and Bitcoins 4x will end on 30 April.
After will be one more week for 2x Silks (rest will go to default 1x and Bitcoin 3x)
More info this week :)

Join our FORUM discussion.

Have fun!!!


posted by Navmesh - 11-Apr-2017 11:41

[Event] 21 February - D13, Stacks, Letters, New chars and pets

Hello ExaySRO,
Here is info about today maintenance.
* Events 2x for Exp/Drop/Gold enabled
* Letters Event started, KLOX pet as prize
* When creating new chars you get D13 SET +11 / Weapon(Shield) +16 / Accessories +11 - So when you create new character choose your Weapon and set that you will get.
* D13 NPC added to Shops area, SET +11 / Weapon(Shield) +11 / Accessories +11 you can get for 2-2,147 bil
* All D13 are now wearable from lvl 1 (Euro need lvl 1 for mastery)
* Growth Pets stats (HP/Def/PR/HR) was set 5x, hope they will not die now from 1 hit Smile
* Immortal D14 changed icon to avoid confusion, same for Set/Weapon/Shield/Acc D13 and D14 are now different, check screens.
* Remove astral from NPC Item mall (useless)
* Warlock skill bug dc fixed, finally after 4 years rubelgad reported it xD
* Welcome Message in game changed to -Site -Wiki -Forum -Telegram links
* Changed stack of some items

10.000 stack
Hit ratio 100%, Evasion 100%, Speed 400%, Special Universal Pill (medium), Recovery kit (XXX-large)
5.000 stack
Abnormal state recovery potion (medium), Increase Moving Speed 150%, Increase Moving Speed 200%

Check FORUMS for image or Galery

Have fun!!!


posted by Navmesh - 21-Feb-2017 05:35

[Update]20 January - Some item stack edit.

Hello ExaySRO,
Here is little info about today maintenance.
* Events 5x for Exp/Drop/Gold, Vote, Letters Extended to 30 January
* Changed stack of some items, STR/INT Scrolls bug fixed.
Here are items that was changed, if you have more suggestions send email (not about letters stack pls, this one will stay 50)
10.000 Stack
Vigor Recovery Grain (Large)
Vigor Recovery Grain (Small)
HP Recovery Grain (Small)
MP Recovery Grain (Small)
HP Recovery Potion (XX-Large)
MP Recovery Potion (XX-Large)

1.000 Stack
Intelligence Scroll
Strength Scroll
Magic stone of Steady D14
Magic stone of Luck D14

Next patch would be on Monday to add rest updates.

Have fun!!!


posted by Navmesh - 20-Jan-2017 22:50

Check ARCHIVE for older news!

Login Panel

Server Information

Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.53% China
Euro 44.47% Euro

Online:170 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999 x5 Years

Gold & Drop75 x5 Years

Max Reborns90

IP Limit4

Jangan 20% Tax Bad_Boys

bandit Bandit  20% Tax ExaySurvivor

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

SkyHigh_OG owned BuumxD

BuumxD owned SkyHigh_OG

SkyHigh_OG owned BuumxD

BuumxD owned SkyHigh_OG

Harry_Poha owned _Mei_

Harry_Poha owned _Mei_

_Mei_ owned Josebe5_BR

_Mei_ owned Harry_Poha

_Mei_ owned Josebe5_BR

_Mei_ owned Harry_Poha


TIMON_: wtb chn set

AvrilLavigne: wts weapon +36 no avance 90k silc or 9 k jc

EternalDeath: WTS +16,+19 ADV ACCS CH OR WTT FOR EU

Kirito_Pk: wtb silck 40 or 50k sicl

BuumxD: WTS any1 Wepon+40 >>and shield>

BuumxD: WTS any1 Wepon+45 and Shield>>

AvrilLavigne: wts weapon +36 no avance for jc or silc

BuumxD: WTS Any1 Wepons+40/+45 all 100% and shields>

BuumxD: WTB 100-200unit Sabakun`s Jewel >>>

_AZZKICKER_: WTB+20scrolls

Unique kill history

Look_ killed Harrison

Look_ killed Lord Yarkan [Titan]

STRIX killed BendiS

STRIX killed KotyS

_Cinderella_ killed BendiS

STRIX killed GebeleiziS

_Cinderella_ killed KotyS

STRIX killed Isyutaru [Titan]

Spear_12 killed Kidemonas

Spear_12 killed Giant Overlord