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ExaySRO 4 Years online!

So we did it, 4 years online!!! Birthday & Easter events start. 0) New website design, please report any issue 1) Rates for Exp/Gold/Drop and Voting are 4x 2) Rates for Silks are 3x, Silks for Bitcoins 4x 3) Letters from prev event (St. Valentine)

3 March - Increasing Silks per charging at 1x

Hello ExaySRO, Today I have increased silks at charging system. All this price are for 1x (no event) Prices may vary from option and country. Check FORUMS for more info.

21 February - D13, Stacks, Letters, New chars and pets

* Events 2x for Exp/Drop/Gold enabled * Letters Event started, KLOX pet as prize * When creating new chars you get D13 SET +11 / Weapon(Shield) +16 / Accessories +11 * D13 NPC added to Shops area, SET +11 / Weapon(Shield) +11 / Accessories +11 you can

20 January Maintenance!

Hello ExaySRO, On 20 maintenance we have this edits. XMAS Events extended to 30 January *(Exp, Vote, Letters drop) Edited stack of this items: 10k stack Vigor Recovery Grain (Large) HP Recovery Grain (Small) MP Recovery Grain (Small) HP R


Hello ExaySRO, Check our forum/web for more in this patch: Weapon change scroll Weapon 100% stats scroll Weapon +20 plus scroll +10% Alchemy 2 premiums XMAS things

XMAS Events 5x Rates for Silks and Exp!

Hello ExaySRO, 5x Rates for charging Silks, 7x with Bitcoins 5x for in-game Exp / Gold / Drop from monsters. More will add this days, this is pre-XMAS :) //Navmesh

4 December Maintenance

* Nerfed some Glavier skills % * Fort Structures HP was increased x5 times * Teleports stones was added to Hotan, DW and Jangan PVP Field (JG South) * Elixirs images on the ground now have different color * Guild emblems fixed.

December 2 Maintenance.

x4 ended, now x2 has been enabled for Silks and Exp in game (no vote). x5 Silks with Bitcoins, check web IP Limit changed to 4 Letters drop stop, letters in inventory will be usable until 8 December, after that date ALL letters will be deleted

Black Friday at ExaySRO (ONLY 24 HOURS)!!! -50% Rollback 100% Stats for Weapons 10k Silks With JC: Wepon change 250 JC Rollback with JC 500 JC for Weapons +20 or lower 1000JC for Weapons from +21 to +29 Only on 25 Nov 2016 from 00:00 to 23:59 Server time

November 15 - Server upgrade

Hello ExaySRO, Today we upgraded our server with new hardware. If there is any issue please email Also you can sell in Stall now for 99,999 bil gold max. //Navmesh

Halloween Events 4x Rates

Hello ExaySRO, 4x Rates for charging Silks, 6x with Bitcoins 4x for in-game Exp / Gold from monsters. Also today maintenance will add Letters event. Letters Event will start today and will last until 15 November, collect letters and bring them

October 9 maintenance: +20 Weapons 2x rates

1) All Weapons and Shields in game (D13 , D14 , D14 Bound, Egy A B) that was under +19 (even +0) now are +20 *(+16 if not AdvD, add AdvD elixir and will be +20), enjoy :)) 2) Some Glavier skills was nerfed (% dmg lower for Heaven Destroyer Spear, Soul

September 22 Maintenance - Glavie Skills update

Hello ExaySRO, In this update was changed some Glavier skills, if there is any error please report to GMs with all info. Some skills name was fixed, so please check for this one: Glavie (*Heuksal) :: Soul Spear - Soul :: Has been increased DMG, D

September 2 maintenance - Weapons at NPC event

Latest NewsSeptember 2 maintenance - Weapons at NPC event Hello ExaySRO, In today maintenance we have added weapons to NPC. In Shop area, Event NPC sell Bout D14 weapons +11 (later +4 bonus, will explain here) for 250 JC + 25 Exay Silk coins In

August 3 maintenance - 3x Silks/Rates

Hello ExaySRO, 3x Rates for Silks / Exp / Gold. Also today maintenance will add Letters event. Letters Event will start today and will last until 20 August collect letters and bring them to So~Ok in any town. More updates this week. Have fun!

June 17, Letters event

As you may know we have already 2x event for Silks, votes and in game rates. Today maintenance will add Letters event. Letters Event will start today and will last until 10 July collect letters and bring them to So~Ok in any town. Rewards you can

2x Rates enabled

Hello ExaySRO, In today maintenance we have enabled 2x Event 2x rates take effect on - Silks charging - Votes - Exp - Gold - Drop On Monday will start Letters event, more soon. //Navmesh

Remove your Premium on website

Hello ExaySRO, You can now remove your premium in your USER CP !!! IMPORTANT: THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE!!!, players should not use this option unless they want to remove the EXPERT PACKAGE aka gold buff (after your premium time expired but

March 24, Bonus +1 plus added

Hello ExaySRO, Monthly bonus +1 has been added today. More events and updates will be on 31March - 1st April. //Navmesh

February 9, Weapon stats increased.

In this update I have edited all D14 and Egy stats. All Attack DMG,Crit,Phy/Mag reinforce and attack rate, has been revised. All stas was increased, don t worry, nothing was lowered but increased =) Was edited D14/D14 Event and Egy A/B Weapons EGY A/B

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Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.54% China
Euro 44.46% Euro

Online:73 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999x

Gold & Drop75x


IP Limit4

hotan Hotan 20% Tax Mortals

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

Vampirul owned KillaQueen

_PICCOLA_ owned _Serpento_

_PICCOLA_ owned _Serpento_

_PICCOLA_ owned TygaBob

_Upy owned Aondo

_Upy owned Aondo

Aondo owned _Upy

Aondo owned _Upy

_Upy owned Aondo

x_ATENEA_50 owned Deno


Vampirul: WTS Dg14 +15 H.A just chest Pm me

lShenLonGl: WTS Set H.A +15

lShenLonGl: WTB SCrolls +20

KillaQueen: WTB silk or Change scroll blade egy b

Deno: WTS +30Egy Bow

KillaQueen: WTB eu ring +15 pm me

_FakeShot_: wts shield ch + 25

Neutron: wts letter packs 1 jc

MercenaryLeo: WTB 15k Silk paying 2K Jc :D

_FakeShot_: wts weapons 14dg with adv

Unique kill history

Vampirul killed Isyutaru

DayNine killed BeakYung The White Viper

Skeleton_Key killed Evil Mangyang

Skeleton_Key killed Thief Boss Kalia

Skeleton_Key killed Venefica

TygaBob killed Tiger Girl

Falada killed GebeleiziS

Skeleton_Key killed Demon Venefica


Skeleton_Key killed Kidemonas

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