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Full Version: ExaySRO 3 years, yeah, bitch please! (and x4 Events)
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ExaySRO 3 years, yeah, bitch please! (and 4x events)

Hello ExaySRO!

We are old now, 3 years for a Server is a lot nowadays.
Thanks in first place to all haters, you're the one who give me powers to keep this servers on =)

I would like to thx all who was/is a part of server staff, who helped and didn't left in hard time:
Reitaro(the one), Zamolxis (legendary RH), Rekcuz (Donuts boy), Staffy (nubikoz BG Baghdad), Airjunez (the good guy), Sozosuke (fabulous spammer), Cenoxyl (hihi), Photovoltaik (forumer) and _Lotus_ (3 years flower).

Thanks to all players old and new (and future one), sorry for all your tears and nerves during alchemy process (it's not ended yet =))

All this is for you, you all created this server, I just come here to make you mad =)

4x Event has been started on our server,
4x apply to Silks charging, Voting, Exp, Drop, Gold.
This will be first wave for 3 years anniversary / Easter events that will be available in April!

Next Event soon, have fun and ...
Happy birthday my 3 years little servobaby, grow up without bugs and crashes!

Congratulations, Nav. And thank you Smile
Happy Birthday NavGood and all Gm's:heart: and all playersGood2_002 of exay sro:heart:

~ Yellow_Rose
Don't forget the Koko Blum2

Congratulations and Thank You Smile
Oho 3 Years, hope will stay for more years and Congrats Navmesh Smile
Great job! Congratz !
Happy 3rd Birthday and congratulations Exay! Good Job and thanks Navmesh & Exay Staff for keeping this, the best Solkroad server, running! I hope you will continue to keep the server running for many years. Maybe our kids some day will join our Academies. Loool Biggrin
And we will give to them part of our items and collected JC like inheritance xD
Happy birthday ExaySRO!

Congratz Navmesh wish you all the best for the future of ExaySRO! Smile

Exay <3
Congratulations Exay Wink

For the 5th anniversary i want Cookies
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