Full Version: September 22 Maintenance - Glavie Skills update, bonus event plus
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Hello ExaySRO, 

In this update was changed some Glavier skills, if there is any error please report to GMs with all info.
Some skills name was fixed, so please check for this one:

Glavie (*Heuksal)
:: Soul Spear - Soul :: Has been increased DMG, DMG %, Stun Probability 40 & Lvl 13, added Bleed lvl 13 at 25%
:: Heaven Destroyer Spear :: Increased DMG, DMG%, added Division 20% lvl 13

:: Ghost Spear - Full Heaven :: Increased DMG, DMG%

:: Flying Dragon - Flash :: Increased DMG, DMG%

:: Flying Dragon - Sky :: Increased DMG, DMG%

:: Lightning, Fire, Cold imbue skills duration increased from 8 sec to 21 sec

:: Concentration :: Critical increased from 17 to 20
:: Two-Handed Arms :: Phy atk power increased from 124% to 130%
:: Aura Of Two Hand :: Phy atk power increased from 128% to 135%

Please be aware that skills have this value only at MAX lvl and only skill that I have write here.


Other edits, Glows for 35 to 39 was changed, all suggestion write to [GM]Cenoxyl 


Bound weapons at NPC will last for few days, but this weapons will not get bonus.


All Bonus plus was added to Bound Event weapons that was bought in this event, I have restored filed weps to +10 and bonus +4 -> 14
Other +11 was added bonus +4 -> 15 now
Rest that was done alchemy get their +4 on plus they had +16 -> +20, +17 -> +21 etc.


All Egy B weapons from NPC that was failed was restored to +11, added bonus +5 -> +16
Who done alchemy have their plus + bonus 5

That's all folks, I go to sleep.
All emails from yesterday will be answered when I will wake up.