Full Version: Halloween Events 4x Rates started - 1st wave
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Hello ExaySRO, 

4x Rates for Silks / Exp / Gold.
Also today maintenance will add Letters event.

Letters Event will start today and will last until 15 November,
collect letters and bring them to So~Ok in any town. 

Rewards you can get:
(Later some rewards may be changed or maybe not.)

Other rewards:
LC Coins
Global chat 
Repair hammer
Gender switching tools 
Skill edit potions 
Abs / Dmg for 30Mins 
Berserk Potions 
Exay Silk Coins 
Return Scrolls
MP +10.000 
HP +10.000 
Speed 400% 
Roc Balloon STR 
Roc Balloon INT 
Instant return scrolls
Hit ratio 100% 
Evasion 100%
Resurrection 100%
Intelligence Scroll 
Strength Scroll

This is First wave of server events, what will be next you will find next days Smile