Full Version: December 2 Maintenance and x2 rates.
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Long story short.

x4  ended, now x2  has been enabled for Silks and Exp in game.
x5 Silks with Bitcoins as I say before will be plus x3 over rest, so if you wish to have x5 Silks you're welcome to use it - http://www.exaysro.com/index.php?action=bitcoin
IP Limit changed to 4, will see if there will be no issue with players, I will leave it, if not will be back to 3.
Letters drop stop, letters in inventory will be usable until 8 December, after that date ALL letters will be deleted.

Next patch will be before next Fort War.

About vote, Xtreme was done 2x (now 25 and you can vote every 12 hours) while GTOP was downgraded to 10 silks until I check if all good.

nice Dance
Vote and Silks charging are enabled.
IP limit to 4 accounts Nice, hopefully we dont have any problem in the future . Thanks ADmin Nav Smile
GTop again don't working
have problem also on GTOP, It's saying already voted and 10 silk not adding to my account
Spokolyotz, you got answer at shootbox.