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Full Version: XMAS 2016 - 21 December Patch
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Hello ExaySRO! =)

We have a little update today.
So until you update your client with Silkroad.exe to get all files automatically, read this.

In first place, LETTERS event has been enabled
(letters drop from any mob in ExaySRO)
[Image: 2016_12_21_055601.jpg]

Big prize in this letters would be "Weapon upgrade scroll +20"
(what is this, you will find soon in this post) 

Other items:
Global chat 
Repair hammer
Gender switching tools 
Skill edit potions 
Abs / Dmg for 30Mins 
Berserk Potions 
Exay Silk Coins 
Return Scrolls
MP +10.000 
HP +10.000 
Speed 400% 
Roc Balloon STR 
Roc Balloon INT 
Instant return scrolls
Hit ratio 100% 
Evasion 100%
Resurrection 100%
Intelligence Scroll 
Strength Scroll

What else...
I have added new NPC (in Shop area and Jangan near Storage)
Weapon Change Scrolls
[Image: 2016_12_21_053515.jpg]   [Image: 2016_12_21_053559.jpg]   [Image: 2016_12_21_053619.jpg]
You can find there ALL D14, Egy A & B Weapons and Shields scrolls.
So you don't have to email me anymore to change a Weapon from D14 to Egy etc.
You can do this in game now.
How to use?
1) Buy scroll you need, for example you have D14 Bow and wish Egy B 2H Sword, so you buy Egy B 2H Sword scroll from NPC.
2) !!!IMPORTANT!!! Put your Weapon (or Shield) in PAGE 1 SLOT 1
3) Use scroll, you will be teleported and item would be changed, no more actions required.

Weapon Stats 100% (ALL stats) Scroll
[Image: 2016_12_21_053631.jpg]
With this one you can change your Weapon*(only) D14, Egy A&B all stats to 100%
This scroll will change your Weapon Stats to 100%, you will save 100% stats even if you change this Weapon to another type with Weapon change scrolls.
How to use?
1) Buy scroll from NPC.
2) !!!IMPORTANT!!! Put your Weapon in PAGE 1 SLOT 1
3) Use scroll, you will be teleported and item stats will be 100%

Weapon Upgrade Scroll +20
[Image: 2016_12_21_053643.jpg]
This scroll will upgrade your Weapon to +20 (No AdvD) or +24 if AdvD is in use
You can get it from LETTERS Event or NPC with Silks, soon there will be more ways to get it.
P.S. This would be event item, all unused scrolls would be deleted when XMAS events end.
How to use?
1) Get scroll from letters event or buy from NPC.
2) !!!IMPORTANT!!! Put your Weapon in PAGE 1 SLOT 1
3) Use scroll, you will be teleported and Weapon plus will be changed.

2 Premiums now available 
[Image: 2016_12_21_053913.jpg]   [Image: 2016_12_21_053921.jpg]
Stats for Premium are same, the only difference is ViP effect!
Golden Premium Card is WITH ViP Effect over player head.
Red Premium Card is WITHOUT ViP Effect  over player head.
All rest stats are same, also added 9 Resurrection scrolls in premium

Alchemy +10%
There is nothing more to explain here, just that to get this you will need to use all
Premium + Lucky Buff + Powder (must) + rest.

Glow +40
Was edited to fit with Christmas spirit Smile)
[Image: 2016_12_21_053412.jpg]

XMAS Tree in every house!
Christmas Tree was added to main towns, Jangan, DW, Hotan, Sama and Const
All Storage keepers are gone away, why? idk... weird weird *crazy*
[Image: 2016_12_21_053808.jpg]

Egy A Weapons and Shields was added to NPC
Right now they are at Item Mall NPC in Shops area.
This weapons cost 10k Silks, so they come with some bonuses (to get them, need to email me at exaysro@gmail.com if I'm not in game [GM]Navmesh no other GMs can help you with this.)
* +10 bonus plus (Buy +11 at NPC, add AdvD Elixir +4, bonus +10) so you can get in the end +25
* 2 Free Rollbacks for this Weapon (not other weapons you have)
P.S. You can apply for this bonus if you purchased 10k Egy B before, but only if item was purchased with your silks and you didn't buy this item from players in game.

Other random fixes and XMAS things Smile
A little video about how to use this scrolls, D14 icons are different here, so pay attention at NPC

Question on the Weapon +20 Scroll, does it add the +20 to the current weapon or change to +20 only, say I have +5 D14 weapon and I use scroll does it turn to +25 if U used this scroll?
It changing your ++ to +20, not adding. For example - if you will use this scroll with any weapon with less ++ (from 0to +19), your weapon will be +20.
this is massive looks awsome though
not that bad event Biggrin
pliz help . Sad XMAS 2016 - 21 December Patch pliz download link.
Just run silkroad.exe file from main folder and it will be downloaded
nice event nav Biggrin