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Easter Event stage 2, Letters. - Navmesh - 04-09-2016

Hello ExaySRO,

Easter Letters event started, you may obtain various items by participating in our Letters Event!
To participate for this event, please visit So-Ok after you collected all letters (H,O,L,Y)

Event period : April 9 to 29.

* 4x Exp / Gold / Drop / Vote / Silks available until 15 April (may be extended, will see).

* +1 Bonus will be added after 20 April (as always)

* Letters Event

Rewards you can get:

Immortal untradeable - Only 2 days, until 10-11 April maintenance

Scroll +5 STR
Scroll +5 INT

Global chat
Repair hammer
Gender switching tools
Skill edit potions
Abs / Dmg for 30Mins
Berserk Potions
Exay Silk Coins
Return Scrolls
MP +10.000
HP +10.000
Speed 400%
Roc Balloon STR
Roc Balloon INT
Instant return scrolls
Hit ratio 100%
Evasion 100%
Resurrection 100%

P.S. Immortals are untradeable, please do not be fooled by scammers who will say that will add immortal to your items, only you are responsible for your item mister player, be aware.

RE: Easter Event stage 2, Letters. - Kr4ToS - 04-09-2016

good job Biggrin

RE: Easter Event stage 2, Letters. - QARA - 04-09-2016

Thanks!! Will be some 3rd Stage of event? Smile