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October 9 maintenance: +20 Weapons & double rates - Navmesh - 10-09-2016

Hello ExaySRO,

This are bonuses and changes in this maintenance.

1) All Weapons and Shields in game (D13 , D14 , D14 Bound, Egy A B) that was under +19 (even +0) now are +20 *(+16 if not AdvD, add AdvD elixir and will be +20), enjoy   Lol

2) Some Glavier skills was nerfed (% dmg lower for Heaven Destroyer Spear, Soul Spear - Soul, Flying Dragon - Flash, Flying Dragon - Sky )

3) IM Transport pets HP was increased to 750k (was 500 in last patch), client fixed to show correct amount of HP

4) China Imbue skills duration was increased from 8 sec to 21 sec in last patch, now fixed visual cooldown in client.

5) All letters deleted from inventory

6) All rates for Silks charging, Vote, Game Exp.Gold.Drop will be 2x for next 2-3 weeks until Halloween event.

7) New Bitcoin charging available, all silks for Bitcoins will be 5x, check this post for more info http://www.exaysro.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=3155

P.S. Server is still on maintenance. for 1 hour more.