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February 16 Inspection, 2x Events, Love Letters and Fort, check it.
Hello ExaySRO,

Love event, you may obtain various items by participating in our Letters Event!
If you are lucky, you may also get a rare Water Ghost Ability Pet.
This pet will be available only on this Love event, do not miss it!!!
To participate for this event, please visit So-Ok after you collected all letters.

Event period : February 16 to 29.

* 2x Exp / Gold / Drop / Vote / Silks available until 29 February.

* +1 Bonus plus added to all weapons in game, from this month bonus will get and Egy Weapons and Shields.

* Letters Event

Rewards you can get:

Water Ghost Pet
[Image: photo_2015_11_01_22_56_20.jpg]
Global chat
Repair hammer
Gender switching tools
Skill edit potions
Abs / Dmg for 30Mins
Berserk Potions
Exay Silk Coins
Return Scrolls
MP +10.000
HP +10.000
Speed 400%
Roc Balloon STR
Roc Balloon INT
Instant return scrolls
Hit ratio 100%
Evasion 100%
Resurrection 100%


Other updates in this patch.
  • Forts has been limited to 1 (Hotan), there is no need in 4 forts, let's try to bring back some fun there. This week fort will be on Wed and Sun like always, from next week I will change to Sunday only. If all tests with 1 fort will be ok, there will be extra cookies and rewards for winners =)
    Extra rewards to be announced when test will be done.
  • Shields Egy A/B has been edited to D14 Shield stats
  • Some Glows 30+ revised, if they will be perm, I will record new video
  • Removed all Xmas/Winter what wasn't removed before
  • D14, D14 Event, Egy A/B has been fixed, now should be all SUN items
  • Fort NPC in Janagan and Constantinople was changed to Hotan NPC, since now only Hotan Fort available
  • Maybe something else, but I can't remember now... sleepy.

More to come in future updates.
Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
-- x3 Bitcoins silks, check HERE! for more info.
-- Item change system for Weapons, Shields, Set, Accessories check HERE!
-- Rollback plus for Weapons and Shields check HERE!

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February 16 Inspection, 2x Events, Love Letters and Fort, check it. - by Navmesh - 02-16-2016, 11:52 AM

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