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ExaySRO 3 years, yeah, bitch please! (and x4 Events)
ExaySRO 3 years, yeah, bitch please! (and 4x events)

Hello ExaySRO!

We are old now, 3 years for a Server is a lot nowadays.
Thanks in first place to all haters, you're the one who give me powers to keep this servers on =)

I would like to thx all who was/is a part of server staff, who helped and didn't left in hard time:
Reitaro(the one), Zamolxis (legendary RH), Rekcuz (Donuts boy), Staffy (nubikoz BG Baghdad), Airjunez (the good guy), Sozosuke (fabulous spammer), Cenoxyl (hihi), Photovoltaik (forumer) and _Lotus_ (3 years flower).

Thanks to all players old and new (and future one), sorry for all your tears and nerves during alchemy process (it's not ended yet =))

All this is for you, you all created this server, I just come here to make you mad =)

4x Event has been started on our server,
4x apply to Silks charging, Voting, Exp, Drop, Gold.
This will be first wave for 3 years anniversary / Easter events that will be available in April!

Next Event soon, have fun and ...
Happy birthday my 3 years little servobaby, grow up without bugs and crashes!

Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
-- x3 Bitcoins silks, check HERE! for more info.
-- Item change system for Weapons, Shields, Set, Accessories check HERE!
-- Rollback plus for Weapons and Shields check HERE!

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ExaySRO 3 years, yeah, bitch please! (and x4 Events) - by Navmesh - 04-02-2016, 04:04 AM

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About ExaySRO

GAME Cap: 130, Skills: 130

EXP: 999x, GOLD: 75x, DROP: 50x, FREE Silks 4 Vote, Winter Events, Reborn system, D14, Baghdad, Starter Pack