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April 21 Inspection - Warrior/Blade/Bow skill edits/fixes
Hello ExaySRO,

In today maintenance we have fixed/edited Warrior/Blade/Bow skills.

Warrior fixes
— Hell's Fury (correct name) fixed skill 3rd shot %(was half power before), now all 3 shots have 293%
— Dare Devil - increased DMG (phy atk pwr) for this skill
— Concentration - increased from 13 to 17 Critical (passive)
— Two-Handed Arms increased phy atk pwr from 119% to 124% (passive)
— Aura Of Two Hand (correct name) increased phy atk pwr from 124% to 128% (passive)

Bower fixes
— Anti Devil Bow Moon Light & Sun Light skills do not share cooldown anymore, you can spam them now.
— Strong Bow - Annihilate - cooldown lowered from 8 sec to 6
— Autumn Wind - Lightning, Heaven's Light Arrow and Strong Bow - Annihilate --- animation fixed, now they should work fine.

Blade fixes
— Mad Dragon Blade - Critical increased from 15 to 20, DMG (phy atk pwr) increased 1852 ~ 2264

If there is any issue with today skills let me know, post in this thread or email with skill name and issue description.

Next is Glavier, hope to do it tomorrow also, will see, need some tests there so it will be at night also.

4x Rates ongoing for everything until 29 April (Silks, vote, exp), have fun!

+1 Bonus added today.

Start Silkroad.exe to update your client.

Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
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