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2017, 18 January - Server Back online.
Will not write too much cuz I sleep 3 hours in last 2 days.. so..
First of all sorry for this delay, is first time in ExaySRO when server was offline for 1 day Crazy

Server online, until morning (18 Jan) will run in test mode, if everything ok I will enabled 5x events and +20 scroll from So-OK until 30 January.
Do not use your Letters now, ofc if you wish to get Immortal bound, do it Smile
Let me know here if there is any new bug, I tried to not miss anything when restored database, so just let me know.

Have fun and gn8.
in 8-10 hours when will wake up will start 5x again and +20, now is test mode.


[Image: photo_2017_01_18_13_43_16.jpg]
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2017, 18 January - Server Back online. - by Navmesh - 01-18-2017, 04:19 AM

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