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2017, 21 February - D13, Stacks, Letters, New chars and pets
Hello ExaySRO,

Here is info about today maintenance.

* Events 2x for Exp/Drop/Gold enabled
* Letters Event started, KLOX pet as prize
* When creating new chars you get D13 SET +11 / Weapon(Shield) +16 / Accessories +11 - So when you create new character choose your Weapon and set that you will get.
* D13 NPC added to Shops area, SET +11 / Weapon(Shield) +11 / Accessories +11 you can get for 2-2,147 bil
* All D13 are now wearable from lvl 1 (Euro need lvl 1 for mastery) 
* Growth Pets stats (HP/Def/PR/HR) was set 5x, hope they will not die now from 1 hit Smile

* Immortal D14 changed icon to avoid confusion, same for Set/Weapon/Shield/Acc D13 and D14 are now different, check screens.
* Remove astral from NPC Item mall (useless)
* Warlock skill bug dc fixed, finally after 4 years rubelgad reported it xD
* Welcome Message in game changed to -Site -Wiki -Forum -Telegram links
* Changed stack of some items
10.000 stack
Hit ratio 100%, Evasion 100%, Speed 400%, Special Universal Pill (medium), Recovery kit (XXX-large)
5.000 stack
Abnormal state recovery potion (medium), Increase Moving Speed 150%, Increase Moving Speed 200%

Click on image to open full size.

* New Klox pet from Letters, lvl 130 for full size.

[Image: 2017_02_18_154546.png]

D14 / D13 icons changed, from D14 also changed AXE icon.

[Image: Set.png][Image: Shields.png][Image: Accessories.png]

Immortal D14 icon changed (and bound immo D14 will have red line)
[Image: immo.png]

Stacks changed for this items.
[Image: stacks.png]

Pets (growth) lvl 129 and 130 comparison, 5x stats are only for lvl 130 pets
[Image: pet129.png][Image: pet130.png]

New chars after creation now get D13 instant +11 set/acc and +16 Weapon/Shield
[Image: char.png]

D13 NPC in Shop area, price for Weapon/Shield/Acc = 2,147 Bils and Set parts 2 Bils 

[Image: setnpc.png][Image: wepeu.png]
[Image: acc.png][Image: wepch.png]

Here are items that was changed, if you have more suggestions send (not about letters stack pls, this one will stay 50)
Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
-- x3 Bitcoins silks, check HERE! for more info.
-- Item change system for Weapons, Shields, Set, Accessories check HERE!
-- Rollback plus for Weapons and Shields check HERE!

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