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mBot fix 10 September.
Probably not.
Pm me i can help u
I can't find item D14 to loot, how to impot item D14 to Mbot? sorry, my English so bad...
Your mbot pick the D14 items u dont need to change any settings
why i cant use the bot ..why error
have you installed the hook.exe? (Run as administrator and extract the Mbotfix(only) inside your M-bot folder)
why my bot is not working why?
For some reason I think you don't have mbot and you just downloaded the mbot fix navmesh posted.

The mbot will only work if you have mbot. So you have to find a download link from google and download mbot. And no I will not post any download links in here, because the forum has a link filter system and if I do so, it will automaticly ban me from the forum.
So, download mbot from a link of your search on google, download the mbot fix from this thread and you are good to go. Remember to disable anti virus and firewall and run as admin.
#39 here last version
(04-11-2015, 18:07 PM)trusthead Wrote: here last version

You download / use at your OWN risk.

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