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Server Information

Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.54% China
Euro 44.46% Euro

Online:73 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999x

Gold & Drop75x


IP Limit4

hotan Hotan 20% Tax Mortals

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

Vampirul owned KillaQueen

_PICCOLA_ owned _Serpento_

_PICCOLA_ owned _Serpento_

_PICCOLA_ owned TygaBob

_Upy owned Aondo

_Upy owned Aondo

Aondo owned _Upy

Aondo owned _Upy

_Upy owned Aondo

x_ATENEA_50 owned Deno


lShenLonGl: WTS Set +15 H.A. and WTS Set Acc Euro +12+12+11+10

Vampirul: WTS Dg14 +15 H.A just chest Pm me

lShenLonGl: WTS Set H.A +15

lShenLonGl: WTB SCrolls +20

KillaQueen: WTB silk or Change scroll blade egy b

Deno: WTS +30Egy Bow

KillaQueen: WTB eu ring +15 pm me

_FakeShot_: wts shield ch + 25

Neutron: wts letter packs 1 jc

MercenaryLeo: WTB 15k Silk paying 2K Jc :D

Unique kill history

Vampirul killed Isyutaru

DayNine killed BeakYung The White Viper

Skeleton_Key killed Evil Mangyang

Skeleton_Key killed Thief Boss Kalia

Skeleton_Key killed Venefica

TygaBob killed Tiger Girl

Falada killed GebeleiziS

Skeleton_Key killed Demon Venefica


Skeleton_Key killed Kidemonas