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February 16 Inspection, 2x Events, Love Letters and Fort, check it.
(02-17-2016, 12:54 PM)jokerul Wrote:  The big thing is that some members of guilds might leave them. As we all dont reply our opinions here that doesnt mean they care. As Sozosuke seen(and said in another thread) some of them use globals in game to let ppl or server's staff to know what they want.
Hope this 'test' will reveal that ppl need fw x)

As long as they all dont reply with their opinions here, that doesnt mean they dont care***
(Sorry for the mistakes) x)

"some of them use globals in game to let ppl or server's staff to know what they want"

I said we take them under advisement, and surprisingly there isn't to much lag... FTW was made to hold large number of players, and you who didn't even came to test it out sure talk alot.The feedback i got from most people that were at ftw was a positive one, all of them had fun, it was crazy, and it was diffrent than a booooooooring ftw + it was wednesday we are still waiting for sunday FTW + we are still working on better rewards.... rewards that will include d12,d13 players, as well as d14. You may be right that small guilds will merge with others, or will join major unions, but how is that a bad thing, rewards will be shared not only with 1 guild(winner), it will be union wide, and i am not sure on the delivery sistem yet, but mostlikely, NAV will add the rewards in each players inventory, so that way .... shady guild masters won't steal people's fortresswar rewardsSmile everything will be fair and square. OFC at the moment we are just testing this, so before you judge just be patient.
#12 been there too, idk what "positive feed-back" you got, cuz in the fw time, people in and outside fw were complaining about lagg, also after fw.
As a guild leader i can tell that almost all guild was dissapointed about the new fw system, since we dont have our fw anymore.
Inside the fw was chaos, i mean real chaos, nobody knew who to atack or why... Even the winnwrs of the fw were saying that they want jangan back, not hotan.

P.S: the "stealing fw rewards" is a lie x)
No you were not there, me and other 70-80 ppl were, i saw nobody complain about lag either on global or inside ftw, this thread is not here for you to cry, nor we make updates for you alone, they're for the entire server, for now i only saw a few people complaining(which is understandble because everytime something is changed some ppl won't like it), i didn't hear ftw winners say they want jangan back, i was actualy on team speak with most of them, and they were all having alot of fun, there wasn't chaos inside ftw, maybe you don't have experience in ftw when more than 20 are in, or at least you sound like you don't.

If you're not happy about this update doesn't mean you can talk about it in the name of most people and most guild masters, you should be happy that some updates are made considering most server owners nowadays are just monemaking losers who don't care about player opinions.

Anyways like i said before this thread is not about you or anyone individualy, and i didn't say anything about you being the "shady guild master" i said "masters" , because you are not the only one who did it, that's one of the reasons this new reward sistem will be implemented, but you jumped right in to defend yourself, funny how that turned out.
U know, when ppl lie about me, what should i say?
I was talking in my name 100% and in name of my guild.
I was in fw, not with main char. If you dont see me that doesnt mean i.m not in.
U were too busy to see ppl saying in globals that it.s lagg...
This thread is not about me, is about the update.
I hope people understood my point of view.
And i.d like to see where inwas talking in the name of allguild masters.

Hope you or someone else wont missunderstand my opinion. Just a friendly point of view ^^

check your post again then
This is my opinion about 1 FTW:
It was good, a lot of fun there, we lost but was fun. But this is the sad part i noticed last day.
Normally , my guild is not active in Wednesday, and i had to recruit latin players of others guilds. They have some problems with lag in FTW time, they told me that. But my point is, with this 1 FTW we are forcing other guilds to dissapear, my union just focus on my Guild, but they dont like that, even in latin poblation we have our differences and we dont like other people, so with this u are forcing us to play as a team when we dont like each other. At the end maybe we join other guilds but people that dont like to play with GEG , LaughinCoffin, OrdenLatina or HellKeapers will leave the server.
That's why other guild have been created. I think this is the same problem with Jock3r, i can see Jock3r in Beretos guild, but never in GEG, or OrdenLatina, the same thing with Staffy , i cant see her in OrdenLatina or SchoolOfGods. Again my point is with this we are forcing to stay together in one guild(strong people) and 13D players dissapear from the map. BTW at this moment HellKeapers have a lot of active players, even latinos are there, and were there last day.

I propose make a second Fortress (Jangan) or comeback to the last patch. I thought this idea was cool at the beggining but now i think need to reconsider about two fortress.

Greetings to all , keep thinking good ideas for this server .
Yes at some point nav said he can open 2nd ftw, but mostlikely never 4 again since there isn't any activity, and most ppl are not coming online to ftw and "5v5" is not ftw, + geg for example for the last 2 days had 20-30 members online(rather than 5-10), and i m not talking about fresh recruited players, i m talking about older players coming online, and BTW the lag issue can be fixed, that's not a major concern, it was just 1 ftw in test plus nav didn't have time to restart sv before ftw to reduce the lag.

And listen there is to much drama-lama on the server, this is not a telenovela, so look at this as an oportunity to fix your issues with other players, you might like it later Biggrin, and 4 ftw means everybody is playing with 2nd guild, at some point beretos had 2 FTW jangan and bandit with 2nd guild(leaving one ftw because it wasn't atacked and then joined the other guild to atack jangan) how was that helping other smaller guilds, even if it means some people are unhappy and leave the server that's ok, other players will come, we cannot make everyone happy.

This update is made to help other lower level/gear/rb players, they'll join union, guild, so they're getting extra rewards. I m done explaining this to you guys, be patient untill the test is over and that's it.
"Even if it means some people are unhappy and leave the server thats ok"

If you say, dude x)
(02-18-2016, 20:07 PM)jokerul Wrote:  "Even if it means some people are unhappy and leave the server thats ok"

If you say, dude x)

Yes, some people will leave we were prepared for that, but some people leave even if we don't do anything so that's that, but there are people who stayed/adapted here even after other updates that let's say made some classes unplayable.
I could not participate in last FTW, cant judge how it was. But i think 2 Fortresses would be better, since we have atm 3 big unions. GEG, HK and OL. In my oppinion 2 FTW are more suitable atm, but not more.
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Hi guys,
I want to bring back to live this thread, because i think, that it will be better to open 1 more fortress ( Jangan). As we could see in last months, the Hotan fortress was occupied only from monster guilds like GEG, HK, LC, OL. There were na chance for small and new guilds to have a fun in FTW. I saw many guilds were running in jangan or pvp there during the FTW. What you think about that? Maybe to open Jangan for weaker guilds? And after, when the rewards for ftw will be integrated, rewards for jang will be lower than for Hotan. So strong guilds will keep attacking the Hotan.
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