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Bitcoins and Silks 5x rate available!
Hi, this is a little hard to explain everything right now, I will do some guides but for people who are already in touch with Bitcoins and know how to use them, they can get now 5x Silks.

Long story short:

Where to get Bitcoins? It's all about your Country.

For USA / Canada / EU (except Germany) - easy and fast method after you verify your account with them is 

For Germany -  easy and fast method after you verify your account with them is

There are many other ways to buy them, but not so easy, and many will require Bank Transfer or SEPA for Europe.

Some examples:

All info how to use this services you can find on their websites.

After you bought your Bitcoins
 (you can buy any amount of them, you don't have to buy 1 bitcoin because this cost ~600$ or 550€, you can buy only 0.1 Bitcoins for ~55€, or 0,001 = 5€ etc)
must email for further instructions.

For any question email or ask in this thread.
Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
-- x5 Bitcoins silks, check HERE! for more info.
-- Item change system for Weapons, Shields, Set, Accessories check HERE!
-- Rollback plus for Weapons and Shields check HERE!

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