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Cant launch game
I downloaded the latest client and media file, but as soon as i launch the game the client crashes and i get the error message "silkroad launcher stopped working"
And no i dont launch with bot, i also tried unpacking again, didnt work, and my antivirus did not mess with it in any way so i dont know whats wrong :S
If you have enabled DEP, try to add sro_client.exe, and run as administrator.
You launching sro-client.exe or silkroad exe ? And be sure that both of files added in your DEP exception list. Also try to extract files again and check if your antivirus didnt delete any files in folder .

[Image: audplo870ed.png]

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Navmesh And run Silkroad.exe as Administrator
Navmesh anw, show a screen with your client folder and error you have
Navmesh Maybe your antivirus delete a file that is false positive
Navmesh @adam7889 I just login your char and all is ok, also check ExaySRO folder if you have all files.
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