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Most frequent errors you may encounter.
1) The server is undergoing Inspections or update (while starting client)

You can get this error if server is on maintenance.
But if server online and you can't enter (start launcher and get this error) it means that your IP is banned.
In this case email to with info about your account and your IP address. You can get your IP here -

2)Failed to connect to the server.(C8) (while trying to connect the server)
If you got this error, probably you need to download our full client because if you update old files, may not always work.
You can always download lastest version of game client here -

3)Failed to connect to the server.(C7)(while trying to connect the server)
It means that our server have technical issues. When u get this server u need email to or write at Shootbox on our forum.

4)Failed to execute SilkRoad [Error code(2)] (when u tying to start client)
It means that u lost sro-client.exe file from main folder. It can be deleted by your antivirus and firewalls.
If u got this error, create folder for ExaySro, add it to your Antivirus and Firewall's software's Exception list, re-download last version of our client from our website ( extract to this folder. Be sure that u have sro-client.exe file there. 

5)Failed to connect to the server.(C9)(while trying to connect the server)
Login server down, contact Staff Members or email . Also you can write at Shootbox on our forum.

6)Failed to connect to the server.(C10)(while trying to connect the server)
Your account is online. It can happen when your char stucked in the game after Login Server has been restarted. In this case u need to connect with Staff Members ingame, forum. or email to

If you for any reason can't run your client ( got Stopped Working error or anyone else) so:
Open System Properties. --> Advanced --> Perfomance Options --> Data Execution Protections (as at image). If it Turned ON as on image, so add sro-client.exe and silkroad.exe to that list. After, probably, u will need to restar your pc.

To open System Properties - Press Windows logo + R keys on your keyboard and in opened window tap - sysdm.cpl . After press enter.

This Thread will be updated.

//Edited at 3 January 2017 server time. Added DEP settings.

[Image: audplo870ed.png]

Admin Email -

tnx, never get any of this errors but if I will get it someday, now I know where I can see a problem and  solve it  Yahoo

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