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Vote for Screenshot Event Winter 2016/2017
1z, posting ScreenShots already ended in other thread. This one is only for vote.

[Image: audplo870ed.png]

Admin Email - ExaySRO@gmail.com

As a result of the total vote, we had identified 1st and 2nd place winners - KapaTiwka & Ameermedhat2 . Then a few players (Blondinka and Sun_Wukong for 3&4th places and Fr3n, Sputnik and Fapmeister for 5th) has been received the same number of votes, and the winners of them have been identified with GM's voting. Results u can see on the screen.
[Image: 26Jezio.png]

As a result, the winners are:
1st place - KapaTiwka (13 votes) 1 free rollback to weapon under +29 (+29 inclusive) + 25 immo
2nd place - Ameermedhat2 (4 votes) 1 free rollback to weapon under +29 (+29 inclusive) + 25jc
3rd place - Blondinka (3 votes at main and 3 votes at GM's poll) 25 immo
4th place - Sun_Wukong (3 votes at main and 1 vote at GM's poll) 25jc+10immo
5th place - Sputnik (2 votes in main and 4 votes at GM's poll) 25jc+10immo

For all Rewards (except weapon rollbacks) PM ingame to me, [GM]Ktulhu

For rolback weapon email to ExaySro@gmail.com (Theme of mail should be ScreenShot event winner) with info about failed weapon (type, pluses, date) and put weapon to 1st slot in your inventory.

1st and 2nd place winners -
  • 1)U should use your reward within 24hrs after ending of event. After it will be lost.
  • 2)It should be ONLY your weapon. Not any other player's. We will check weapon before rollback. If you will try to use rolback on any other player's weapon, u wil lost your reward. No excuses like " -I gave this weapon to friend, and he returned it now" or any other will not be considered.

Congratulations to winners and thx all for participate.

[Image: audplo870ed.png]

Admin Email - ExaySRO@gmail.com

Ok guys, gz for winners Smile
For Immo and JC contact with [GM]Ktulhu in game, for rollbacks email me.

Ameermedhat2 - done with rollback.
Admin email: exaysro@gmail.com Only this one is real and working.
-- x3 Bitcoins silks, check HERE! for more info.
-- Item change system for Weapons, Shields, Set, Accessories check HERE!
-- Rollback plus for Weapons and Shields check HERE!

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