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Game Crash
Need help, 
while playing game maybe some 5-10 min game crash, screen show brown i must restart my PC. 
Intel core i7 
amd radeon 7800
8 gb ram
Hi, this is a issue on your PC/OS is not about our client.
Update your Graphic card drivers, this could be most common reason.
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check  driver version and updat to  latest version  +  check in programs and install section if the older driver isn't still installed  or that it made a different  instal path location  i had a radeon too  and  one time it installed the newer driver in different location and did not overwrite the older version if so uninstall both and redownload the newest version or check what what security system you have installed  or  if you made any changes  to it  most common security program that can make  pc crash with brown screen is ESET  or did you make any changes to CPU  like new fan  or something ?

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