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Some information about regular server.
So, the time has come.
Regular server, how it will be Smile

At least for 2 weeks we will have:
999x Rates for EXP/SP (in BETA was 9999x)
Gold 75x (in BETA was 999x)
Drop 50x (in BETA was 999x)
Maybe after 2 weeks we will change rates to 600x, maybe we will keep 999x. Players will decide.

Bonus silk for beta tests:
first I need to check how many duplicate accounts was create by people, after I will update this thread.

About reborns:
Level needed for reborn: 130
Char will reset to lvl 1
Stat points for every reborn: 10 points.
So after 1st reborn you will have 20 int, 20 str and 10 free points, after 2nd 20 int, 20 str and 20 free points and so on.
All skills will be saved.
Maybe later Mastery will be reseted too, but for now it will be saved.
Reborn will be opened tomorrow for public.

Vote for Silk:
For 2 weeks we will have 2,5x bonus vote event
Vote panel have 3 links after you will vote your account will be credited with 25 Silks. You can vote every 12 hours so total of 50 silks per day.

Later some prices in Item Mall will be edited to correspond with vote system.

Other things I don't remember right now, you can ask I will answer.

* Start your Silkroad.exe to update client otherwise you will not be able to login in game (Wrong client version).
* 250 Bonus silks was added to accounts that do not violate our registration rules. If you don't find any silk in your account check another you registered, but if you have too many accounts there will be no silks on any. You choose to abuse I choose to punish.
* Rebirth system is done but will be enabled tomorrow, I will do some tests today to see if everything is ok.

Server will start at 19:30 GMT +1
finally i cant wait to start playing the real one beta was already brilliant so dont let me wait to long i wanna play now Biggrin
The rebirth stat should be increased to at least 20 stat/rb imo :$

Edit: Nice server btwSmile Fun edits and its nice to play.
Rebirth Limit would be appreciated.

I don't want even myself to reach 50935423 rebirths and go off killing everyone for fun or unfair events, etc etc.

Need some sort of a limit.
When are you going to open the server
yahooo ! cool i really w8 for this ! i wanna play this server already the real beta !! and i think it will be more cool if the d13 will look like hte real d13 and remove d14 and d12 look like the Normal (really) d12 !! but after all its cool server....
GL on game and Gm talk me i think i can bring something like 2k-6k online...
but i wanna talk u private chat not global chat Biggrin
cF : xXxDdD

the *
Server side is done, I have to check now accounts for people who have more then 3 accounts, because this one will not get any bonus silk for beta test.

(04-08-2013, 16:57 PM)yazan swaid Wrote:  GL on game and Gm talk me i think i can bring something like 2k-6k online...
but i wanna talk u private chat not global chat Biggrin

thx but that is too much of hassle, 2k online is for a team, but I work always alone to not get in trouble with others Smile
when server will be finish maintenance ?
Server will be up in 20-30 min, right now you can start your Silkroad.exe to update client.
I have question, how much silk delivered to users who have been on a beta test, or that they will?

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