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13 April Maintenance [DONE]
Hello ExaySRO

Maintenance done, server is online.

What is done:
* Caravans enabled and items for trading are x200
* Trans pets was enabled to NPC and Item Mall
* Growth pet fixed (can`t summon after die).
* Angel s Spirit (M/W) White fixed.
* Silk coins from quest can be changed for globals. (go to shops area Item Mall NPC and you can buy 11 Globals for 10 Exay silk coins)
* Power Dress avatar price fixed.
* Added White little wolf to Item Mall, what is so special about this pet? it will never grow up and will remain in first stage of evolution even if you lvl up it to 130 Smile
More growth pets in next update.
maintenance will be extended for another 40 min until 15:00 GMT+1
Update your client with launcher now, server will start in 10 min to avoid lags because of too many downloads at same time.
Ty ... But gm it ubdates too me but nothing hapens i ubdate again and same stuff is hape ning ....
Dizzy just start your launcher and let him update, in upper right corner version should be
ver 1.191
One last server box restart and ExaySRO will be online Wink
I will also this time create a new Media.pk2 and upload it later.
GM i re extracted the client and it work Smile
I got c9 error Biggrin
hey gm can you help me i get c7 error when i want loggin?

it say too me cant loggin too the server (c9)
help pls
Same thing i update game but i cant login on server,is not C7 is not C9 i just press connect and nothing happend

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