Poll: What should Admin do about black ress skill?
NERF(cooldown increase or effect duration decrease)
Stay the same
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it will be also great! Smile Have we to discuss about reuse also?
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I'm not sure if that is possible, so atm only
Cleric skill reuse delay - 10 sec now
Character buff time - 120 sec now
Cleric skill reuse delay must be from 10 sek to about 3 - 5 minutes
Character buff time must be from 120 sek to about 30 - 60 sek. Smile
(05-30-2013, 15:42 PM)joja1995 Wrote:  Cleric skill reuse delay must be from 10 sek to about 3 - 5 minutes
Character buff time must be from 120 sek to about 30 - 60 sek. Smile

Lol lets ruin full int euros guys !! lets make a chinese server !! sorry, a bower server.
This kind of comments makes me sick.

P.S to admin:
1. I asked for HP change on transport pets cuz silk pets are bugged.
2. Never asked for roc in global, cuz its already easy enough to plvl here.
3. When im doing Bless Spell, Holy recovery division or healing orbit lets say, i get full knock down and knock back, skills doesn't work and i got 1 minute delay Smile thats not fair, also reverse immolation is an instant ressurect skill, how am i going to ress someone if i get full knock down or full knock back? cant you understand that?
We ruin its with this alltime blackres Smile
so write what u want if u dont accept my idea do a post too Smile
Ok lets see the skill

[Image: reverser.png]

Here is my idea:

HP 50% Recovery
Continuous Hours 60sec
Phy Dmg 35% Absorption
Mag Dmg 35% Absorption
Maximum HP 30% Increase
Phy Dmg 50% Reduce
Mag Dmg 50% Reduce

Is that enough for you?
I think it could enable to test the following change: Cleric skill reuse delay from 10 sec to: 30 sec. and Character buff time from 120 sek to: 60 sec. We can try this, and check if who lose FW stop cry and learn to use the tools the game gives us to win.
I apologize if anyone is offended by my words but not my intention.

Bynia I don't plan to change casting time (instant resurrect) but skill reuse delay this are two different things. And we not going to do that right now, we have a discussion here.
IMO, should change effect time to around 10-20 secs and/or cooldown to 4-7minutes...

PS: if u find this cooldown to be too much, remmember u have other ress skills so long cooldown on this skill doesnt mean u can't ress ppl...
just incress cooldown 20 more seconds = 30......and it will be fine

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