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Item stack change suggestions
GM , can you change the stack of zerk potion, 20% dam scrool and letters Xmas to something like 500 ?

Thx you
May you make Event Letters XMAS or later Happy idk... stackable to like 500 or more.. currently saving all of them so inventory is always full
Also gender switch to 500 would be nice got hundreds of them now Biggrin
Obstacles and Commander posts and Battle flag, Elixiers Wep prot acc shield. Let´s stock exaylotterx hahaa
yeah exay lottery lol
exay lottery can't stack because it's not same item, there are around 300 different items.
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I took some time to edit my post ... As told by GM Navmesh (We need to write clear item name and he will know what to do, without much talk in thread like need this, need that...)

I think this should be changed...

1. Berserker Regeneration Potion
2. Abs / Dmg for 30Mins
3. Reverse Return Scroll
4. 100% resurrection scroll
5. Super scroll (Moving Speed 400%)
6. Super scroll (Accuracy 100%)
7. Super scroll (Evasion 100%)
8. Extreme defense gender switch tool (1)
9. Global chatting

If i forgot something please send me pm in forum and i will update my post again...

Please change the Scroll's from magic pop ( Awaken Card ) such as :

1. Dodging Scroll - from 10 to 200
2. Trigger Scroll - from 10 to 200
3. Moving Speed Scroll - from 10 to 200
4. Hit Scroll - from 10 to 200
Thank you Good
Change 13-14d stones from 100 to 300 or 500 Wink
Please Stack Curse Heart so that we can gain more than 300 per quest Smile

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