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25 June Maintenance [Done]
Hello, this is ExaySRO.

Maintenance done, server is online.

* Fixed Heuksal Skills
- Flying Dragon Sky
- Pitch Black
- Chain Spear Dragon
- Chain Spear Phoenix
- Chain Spear Heaven
* Fixed Pacheon Skills
- 7 Arrows Combo

*Stack increased for more items to 500.
- Vigor Recovery Grain (Small) 500 in stack.
- Recovery kit (ALL) 500 in stack.
- Energy of life (ALL) 500 in stack.
- Purification Pills (ALL) 500 in stack.
- HGP recovery potion 500 in stack.
[Image: HSrkE92.jpg]

*Enabled Trade for some items like:
- Item Mall Skill edit potions
- Item Mall Repair hammer
- 60% resurrection scroll
[Image: dQNjPfj.jpg]

*Item Mall Transport pets has been enabled.
- LvL 20 reqired
- 159 Slots

*Fixed client crash if you create Behemot
or Lizard, later will check this more.

And many other small fixes for a better gameplay.

Have fun!!!
ExaySRO Team.
So i gonna Sleep Sad
Take your time admin :biggrin: btw I was in FGW but it's can't wait until all players do their job, good luck cya later all Wink

P.S. Oh and please could you make better stack for Vigor recovery grain (small) now is 50 Biggrin need to be 500 or so ! Ty Good
[Image: HSrkE92.jpg]

Sun like that? It's already done Smile
Yes BIG LIKE ! I'm so proud that you did it for me :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
(06-24-2013, 23:47 PM)Admin Wrote:  [Image: HSrkE92.jpg]

Sun like that? It's already done Smile

This looks quite good! Biggrin
Everything looks good. Keep up the good work, keep being professional ! Smile

Hugs from romania.
First post updated, need testers for fixed skills, so tell me if there is anything wrong Smile

If for some reason you can not Auto-Update with Silkroad.exe download last Media.pk2 from this link!rJJj0ILC!BvCd-0Ut5u...c6dEk67cPo
Download Stuck at 6%?
Love the new stacks, I was a little disappointed though when I found out speed pots still only stack to 10.

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