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1) Weapon change cost = 2500 Silks
You can change your weapon (as example Bow) to any other weapon type (sword/blade/dagger/staff/2H sword etc)
Plus, blue options is saved, stats too if item are same type (Phy or Mag), your Blade +19 crit on Staff will be +4, and +4 from Staff will be +4 if go back to Blade.
Also you can change D14, D14 Bound to Egy A or B of your choise.

2) Full Set change (6 parts) = 2500 Silks
You can change any EU to CH or CH to EU, or CH to CH, EU to EU.
Full set = 2500 silks, just one part will be 500. But if you wish to change one part for example boots to gloves, will cost 2500.

3) Accessories Full Set = 2000 silks
Change from EU to CH or CH to EU, one accessories part will be 500 silks.

P.S. items should be unequipped in your inventory, Page 1 Slot 1(2,3,4,5,6 etc)

To request this, send email with this info to   exaysro@gmail.com

Item(s) AND plus:
New item(s) type:

or open a   Ticket here.

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BuumxD: WTB 2-3k Silk (Wtb IronShield and shrp Stone

xauo_mia: WTS chest L.A +15 .. pm me now

ParrPanGel: WTB 10-20unit Upgrade Wepon+20

_GoGy_: WTS glaive + 27 80% WTS 2h + 24 100% pm me

ParrPanGel: WTB 2-3k Silk

xauo_mia: WTS 3.5k silk .. pm me ur offer .. good price deal

Blondinka: WTB silk

ParrPanGel: WTB (ironShield Stone and Sharp stone)

Nymeria: WTB SET 14D + 15 OR HIGHER ++++ I PAY WITH SILK !!!! PM

ParrPanGel: WTB 10-20unit Scrol Upgrade wepon+20

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SupFlex killed BendiS

KONDOR killed Launatune

KONDOR killed Harrison

SoulSlasher killed GebeleiziS

Lon killed Magical RoC

KONDOR killed Demon Venefica

KONDOR killed Venefica

KONDOR killed BendiS

KONDOR killed KotyS

AntiHero killed Karkadann