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Euro 2021 Bets available

Hello ExaySRO,

We will have some bets for EURO 2021, if you want to find more join Telegram Group
or check Bets FAQ Page. Exay Euro Bets

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 11-Jun-2021 13:42

Letters Event has started.

Hello ExaySRO,

Letters Event has started.

For info, if Letters will cause lags in game, like it happened sometimes in the past, Event will be stopped or IP Limit will be changed to 1 or 2 max until event ends.

How event works.
Kill any mob that have drops for your lvl to drop Letters E,X,A,Y (max stack 2500)
Visit So-Ok in any town to exchange letters for a reward.
As always, No, you can't exchange all letters at once, just 1(word EXAY) by 1.
No, there is no in-game option for auto-arrange items/stack. Use it in your bot if you have.

Common rewards:
* Skill edit potion
* Globals
* Repair Hammer

Regular rewards:
* HP / MP 10k
* Evasion/Hit/Speed Scrolls
* 30% Dmg Abs/Inc Scroll
* Berserker potion

Rare rewards:
* Gold Bags
* CTF Coins
* Exay Coins
* +35 Weapon/Shield Upgrade Scroll

Next Monday some rewards will be changed also the amount of letters to exchange may change too.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 14-Apr-2021 14:30


Years online! Happy Birthday!

8 means THANK YOU!
8 means We did it!
8 means Fuck the haters!
8 means thx Joymax!
8 means Fuck the haters!
8 means fk Joymax!!
8 means Fuck the haters!
8 means I'm happy :)

Event Rates 8x has been started!!!

In Game: Exp & Gold 8x
Vote 8x Silks + Fire Crystals

Silks 8x + 🔥 Fire Crystals - check: Silks page.
New Item Packs 3x Silks - check: Item Packs.
New Coin Packs 3x Silks - check: Coin Packs.

More in-game server events and updates will come close to Easter.
So we can hold both Server BD and Easter in one event.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 26-Mar-2021 20:16

2x EXP and 5x Silks/packs until Monday 1 February

Hello ExaySRO,

2x EXP/Gold Available until Monday. From now when there is no Event available, every weekend we will have 2x EXP/Gold.

Also 5x Silks/ and Silks in Packs until Monday 1 February. Is available for 1 Transaction per account, so if you buy with PayPal you must pm or email Navmesh to get the Bonus. (check Staff page for contacts)

Starting to make some changes to Petra (Arabian Coast), but still the mobs there are useless for now.
I will let you know when is done.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 30-Jan-2021 20:24

All X-MAS Events officially ended.

Hello ExaySRO,

Today was last day for 5x Exp,Vote,Silks. All rates are back to default.

As always, after event ends, you have 2 weeks to request 1 (one) transaction per account with event rates.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 20-Jan-2021 01:51

Letters removed. Rates Events end soon.

Hello ExaySRO,

Today all Letters, XMAS Weapons, +65 Scrolls, Avatars scrolls was removed from game.

Reminder: Rates will end on 17 January (Exp, Silks, Packs, Vote)

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 15-Jan-2021 18:28

Letters drop stop, Reward changed.

Hello ExaySRO,

From today Letters will not drop anymore.
Letters you have in inventory you can exchange for gifts until 12 January.

Rewards for letters has been changed.
Now you need 10x of each to get a reward from So-OK.
Regular Rewards:
* Global
* Repair Hammer
* Skill edit potion
* 30% Abs/Inc DMG Scroll
* Berserker Potion
* Evasion/Hit/Speed Scroll
* HP/MP 10k

Rare drop:
* CTF Coin
* Exay Coin
* Avatars Lottery Scroll

[Avatars Lottery Scroll] Rewards changed also, there is new Avatar (HeadKnights). Beside Avatars parts, you can drop 50 Fire scroll, GB, Global.

All LETTERS, XMAS Weapons/Shields, +65 XMAS Scroll, [Avatar Lottery Scroll] will be deleted from game on 12 January. Rates will end on 17 January (Exp, Silks, Vote)

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 06-Jan-2021 22:14

EventBOT Q&A, Globals changes

Hello ExaySRO,

Today will be enabled Event bot for Auto Question & Answer Event (Q&A).

You have to pm this character with your answer: 2021
You can send just 1 time per round, if you answered wrong, you can't try again.
Also you can win only 3 consecutive rounds. (after someone answer a question after your 3 wins, you can participate again)
Time for every round is 13 seconds, if no one will send correct answer, round will end and new will start soon.
Rewards for this end of the year will be Fireworks, 2 for every correct answer (they are tradeable).

Other changes in today patch.
* All Globals from server was removed. Any objection regarding this you can send to
* Global price at NPC increased.
* White Witcher & Assassin's Avatars can be stored in pet/storage.

posted by Navmesh - 31-Dec-2020 16:29

D8-13 Skins, Fire scrolls and update for Letters rewards.

Hello ExaySRO,
Here is a list of today Updates/Fixes patch.

* Change [X-MAS Avatars Lottery Scroll] instead GB will reward now [50 Fire]/[100 Fire] Scrolls, this scrolls are tradeable.
* Fix for Rabbit to be able to put in Storage
* Fix for Harambe to be able to mount it (from lvl2)
* New D8-13 Skin change for Weapons D14 (read below for info).
* Fix Shield D15 Stats, +20 Shield now have better stats than +50 D14 Shield.
* Fix for Fort not able to upgrade some structures.

Fire Scrolls:
New Fire scrolls was added to game, this scrolls are tradeable (but you can't stack them).
After using, you will get regular [Fire Crystals] untradeable.
At the moment you can get some from Letters event from [X-MAS Avatars Lottery Scroll] 50 and 100 amount.
Fire scrolls will be awarded for buying Silks/Packs from website instead of Fire crystals, so you can sell this scrolls to other players if you don't need them.
Some Fire scrolls will be added to some Uniques (high end one)
At the moment there are: 50, 100, 500, 1000, 1500, 2500, 5000, 7500, 13000, 25000 Fire scrolls.

D8-13 Skins for D14 Weapons/Shields:
You can change now your D14/D14 Event, Egy A/B or Flame to any of D8-D13 Skins.
Important! D13 Skin Scroll is not the D13 we have in server now but iSRO one.
You can change D14 (any) to D8-13 Skins (will change to same type Bow -> Bow, Sword -> Sword, Shield ->Shield that you put in Page 1 Slot 1, read scroll description)
D8-13 Skins weapons/shields can be changed to another D8-13 Skin (same, to same type)
If you have D8-13 Skin item, Bow for example and you want to have D8-13 Skin Blade(or any other) you have to use a D14 (any you want, here can be changed to another type) scroll and after to use D8-13 Skins scrolls at your choice.
D8-13 Skin items act as regular D14 items, that means you can do same Alchemy, Scrolls for plus, stats, Dura remove and rest features.
D8-13 Skin items have same stats as D14 items, so when you change to them, you will save all Plus,Stats,Blues options.
Current D8-13 are only for D14 Weapons and Shields, soon there will be for D15 too, patience.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 29-Dec-2020 00:00

Letters event, New Pet, Avatar and X-MAS Weapons

Hello ExaySRO,
Today we started Letters Event.

How it works:
* Collect Letters E-X-A-Y from mobs, they drop from any mob in game in your lvl gap.
* Visit So-Ok in any town > E-X-A-Y Letters Event.
* To get reward you need to have 50 of each letter (50 E, 50 X, 50 A and 50 Y)

* You can get X-MAS Weapons & Shields with D14 Stats (read below)
* New Pet - Dujour the White Rabbit
* New Fox Avatar
* Scroll +65 for X-MAS Weapons & Shields (read below)

How to get X-MAS Weapon +65, 100% Stats and Full Blue.
First get a [Upgrade Scroll for X-MAS Items] from Letters event.
After put your X-MAS Weapon or Shield in Page 1 Slot 1 and use the scroll.
After Teleport you will have +65, 100% Stats and Full Blue item.
This is an event item, when it ends, all scrolls Weapons/Shields will be deleted from game.
Also you can sell to NPC Wep or Shield you don't need, they cost 1 Billion Gold.

How to get new Avatar.
You need to find [X-MAS Avatars Lottery Scroll] from Letters event.
Use the scroll, with a bit of luck you can get 1 part of Avatar set or 1 GB.
After Event all Avatars will remain in your inventory (they will NOT be deleted).
Only unused [X-MAS Avatars Lottery Scroll] will be removed from game.

Other updates/fixes in this patch.
* +41 & 100% Stats Scroll from NPC was changed to +50 & 100 % (+46 if noAdv)
* Fixed Santa Avatars and Hats max Blue option.
* Fellow pets (mount) speed under lvl 100 may be low, lvl up to have better speed.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 23-Dec-2020 03:30

Merry 🔥 X-MAS!

Hello-HO-HO ExaySRO,
Today Event Rates has been started.

In Game: Exp & Gold 5x
Silks 5x + 🔥 Fire Crystals - check Silks page.
Vote 5x + 🔥 Fire Crystals - check Voting page.

Other changes today:
* Pet mounting/riding has been enabled back.
* You will not be able to Mount while in Berserker mode.
* Trace during Job mode has been disabled.
* Guild info for Forts will be available to edit again after next server restart.
* New Launcher ;)

ExaySRO Wiki created and more info will be added asap.

New Item packs and Coin packs will be added on Sunday.
On Monday should start next part of X-MAS Events.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 20-Dec-2020 01:21

DG15 Alchemy items

Hello ExaySRO,

Today maintenance is for DG15 Alchemy stuff:
* Stones, Powder, Immortal, Steady, Lucky, Astral, AdvD, Red Stones.
* Fixed Glows for DG15.
* Should be fixed Female with DG15 shield bug (while running).

MAX PLUS FOR DG15 is +20 (+16 NoAdvD), we all know what happens when you go over this, read Rules
NPC for DG15 Alchemy is located in Shops Area, Jangan and Newbie Town.

Some more stacks was edited to 30k:
* 30% damage Increase/Absorption scroll
* Speed 400%/Evation/Hit Ratio scrolls
* Strenght / Intellect scrolls
* Global chat
* Skill edit potions
* Zerk potions
* Repair hammer
Also [Curst heart] you can put in storage now, that way you can get more items from quest.

FGW Shipwreck drop was increased to 1%.

Silks scroll 500k was added to NPC.

Exp/Drop/Gold are 2x now, Silks/Vote will remain 4x until Black Friday event will end.
Information about Black Friday will be added tomorrow, Event will start on 27 November.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 26-Nov-2020 03:10

Fire Crystal rewards

Hello ExaySRO,

Today up to 200 million Fire Crystals in total was awarded to All account that had at least 1 character in game.
Reward amount is based on your year of registration in ExaySRO server.

2013-2014 7k Fire`s
2015-2016 5k Fire`s
2017-2018 3k Fire`s
2019-2020 2k Fire`s

We will award Fire Crystals for all players who supported the server with donations since 2013
Also will prepare a script to check for top 100 voters of all time and will reward them with crystals too. (only if they was active in last month on server)

About Rewards for Donations from 2013 until today, they will not be added automatically, you will have to Email, Telegram or Discord me (Navmesh), check for contact details in Server Team page and we can see your total amount and also if you had done it on more accounts.
Basically there will be a CAP per Account on reward in Fire Crystals you can get.

1$/ = 100 Fire Crystals (so 100$/ = 10k Crystals)

From 1 to 100 $/ you get 100 Crystals for every unit.
From 100 to 200 $/ you can get Max 10k Crystals for 1 Account (max 12,5k crystals)
From 200 to 400 $/ you can get Max 15k Crystals for 1 Account (max 17,5k crystals)
From 400 to 500 $/ you can get Max 20k Crystals for 1 Account (max 25k crystals)
If you had 500+ $/ you will be rewarded with a D15 Weapon.

* You can add rest crystals only to your own accounts, not gifts to other players)
* You can combine all donations from all your accounts and all payment methods used from 2013 until now.
* You will not be able to move these crystals after, so choose wisely.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 17-Nov-2020 20:22

D15 Update is here.

Hello ExaySRO,

Today we have added new system to craft D15 Weapons and Shields. For a Full guide with pics check DG15 Guide on How to get it.

Was Added to drop items:
Glass of Darkness [D15 Craft element] - Drop in Job Temple and Desert aroud it.
Pouch with Shards [D15 Craft element] - Drop in Baghdad and Phantom Desert.
Fire Crystal [D15 Craft element] - Drop from Uniques (bound item).

Changed low grade Uniques to Level 130
Tiger Girl, Isyutaru, Uruchi, Cerberus, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan, BeakYung The White Viper, Apis, Haroeris, Seth, Evil Mangyang and all Jupiter Uniques.

At the moment item [Scroll of Immolate] is dropable from Roc and Bone Roc (low drop), after some tests it will be added to more uniques, like: Phy/Mag Rocs, Khulood, Karkadann and Grande Zielkiaxe.

New D15 items you can obtain now only from game, you can't buy with Silks or Item packs, there will be no scrolls to change or w/e.
Pay attention that Botting in ExaySRO is allowed on mobs, but AFK botting on Uniques is forbidden.

Other minor changes in this patch:
* [Curst Heart] max stack -> 5000
* [Mother's loving hand] max stack -> 5000
* Fixed text for FW Manager NPC (if there is any attacker or not)
* Fixed Icon and text for 30% damage Increase/Absorption scroll
* Fixed Name for regular D14 Weapon change scrolls

You can also check D15 Craft Process video

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 29-Oct-2020 04:04


I wanted to release it today, but had to fix something on server side.. a lil bit more, you waited only 7 years :)
posted by Navmesh - 27-Oct-2020 04:40

Halloween 4x Event Rates, Free Reborns and more..

Hello ExaySRO,

4x Event for Silks, Exp, Gold and Vote has been started.
3x Silks for Items Packs and Coins Packs.
7x Silks with Bitcoin, Items and Coins Packs with Bitcoin are 5x
Rates for Silks 4x - check Silks page.
Item Packages with Items/reborns/silks/Scrolls - check Items Package.

Basic Silks reward was increased for Silks purchases by 2,5x and Vote too.
If 1 basic vote without event was giving 100 silks, now is 250 and with x4 Event is 1000 atm.
Same for Silks if before 25 was 200k silks, now is 500k and with x4 Event is 2kk Silks.
This 2,5 coefficient do not apply for Item pack or Coins pack Silks, only regular Silks purchases.
Anyone who bought just Silks in October 2020 is welcome to email or pm me in Telegram/Discord (check Staff page for links and address) to request the new coefficient 2,5x Bonus silks. Not apply to Items pack or Coins pack!!!

Now about Reborns.

Max Reborns increased to 185.

All new characters created from today will receive 100 free reborns (that means 1000 free stats points, every new reborn will give you 10 free stats points).
They will also have D13 +11 Set and Accessories and D13 +31 Weapon/Shield.

For rest characters in game under 150 Reborns was added free reborns and reseted stats.
Who did not login in last 12 months with 0 reborns -> set to 50 rebs
Who login in last 12 months with 0 reborns -> set to 75 rebs
Who did not login in last 12 months with 1-99 reborns -> set to 100 rebs
Who login in last 12 months with 1-99 reborns -> set to 100 rebs
Who had between 100-124 Reborns -> 125 rebs
Who had between 125-149 -> 150 rebs

Who bought Pack 25 - set to 155 (if your character is already 155 you can request to set reborns to another character in your account)
Who bought Pack 50 - set to 175 (if your character is already 175 you can request to set reborns to another character in your account)
Who bought Pack 100 - set to 180 (if your character is already 180 you can request to set reborns to another character in your account)
Reborns for who bought packs was not added, you will have to email or pm me in Telegram/Discord (check Staff page for links and address) to get this reborns.

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 24-Oct-2020 18:02

Skill updates

Hello ExaySRO,

Today we will have some skills update and some fixes for them.
Also fixed Dark Griffin saddle bug.


Class Warrior
1) Pain Quota 75% dmg disperse rate -> 50%
2) Physical Fence 75% phy dmg absorption -> 50%
3) Magical Fence 75% mag dmg absorption -> 50%

Passive skills:

4) Aura of one Hand 128% -> 135%
5) One-Handed Arms 120% -> 135%

Active skills:
6) Shield Devastate 2525-3087 -> 3500-4000

Weapon Mastery Dual Handed Sword:
Active Skill:

7) All Guns Blazing - Phy.Atk.Pwr. 438 -> 500

Weapon mastery DUAL AXE:
8) Aura of Dual 124% -> 135%
9) Justice Impact 2525~3087 -> 3500-4000
10) Final Axe Crash 2525~3087 -> 3500-4000
11) Sudden Twist : Bleed lvl 12 -> Division LvL 13

Class Rogue
Weapon Mastery CrossBow:

12) Knowledge of Bow : 124% -> 135%

Weapon Mastery Dagger:
13) Knowledge of daggers : 124% -> 135%
14) Vital Assault : Bleed LvL12 -> Division LvL13

Class Warlock:
15) Wheel Bind : Panic LvL12 -> Panic LvL13
16) Recovery Bind : Panic LvL12 -> Panic LvL13
17) Blood Gardener : 124% -> 135%
18) Pledge of Darkness : 124% -> 135%

Class Cleric:
19) Pledge of Purification : 124% -> 135%
20) God's Word : (probability)60% -> (probability)50%

Class Wizzard:
Hell's Breath fixed cooldown bug


21) Flame Body Evil 13% -> 15%

22) Goddess - Piercing Force Lv 3 28% -> 30%
23) Flash Speed - 300s Duration -> 800s Duration

24) Ultra Defence Increase Absorb 15% Phy damage -> 20/20 Phy/Mag Absorb, fixed name Skill and added Mag abs to description

25) Cure therapy 70% -> 50%

26) Lightning Chain - Division Lv12 20%, Bleed Lv12 20%, Impotent 12Lv 20% - > All Lvl 13
27) Celestial Protection 60% damage disperse -> 45%

28) Immortal Victor 60% damage disperse -> 45%
29) Ghost Spear Full Heaven add Stun LvL12 with 10% probability and 5 seconds duration

30) Pitch White Arrow Darkness Lv13 30% probality and 10s -> Name fixed: Heaven's Light Arrow and changed duration to 20 seconds.
31) Dragon Scale 60% damage disperse -> 45%

Thx to all contributors to this changes, You can join our Telegram group for Skills discussions and suggestions for future updates (or report bugs and wrong description etc)
ExaySRO Skills group in Telegram, click to join!

Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 12-Oct-2020 18:36

Check ARCHIVE for All 2013 - Present News!

Login Panel

EURO 2021

Tuesday 15 June @ 21:00
* - *

Actual Bets

DE: 4.81 million Silks
FR: 1.56 million Silks

For more information check

Bets FAQ

Server Information

Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.36% China
Euro 44.64% Euro

Online:120 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999 x8 Event

Gold & Drop100 x8 Event

Max Reborns185

Free Reborns100

IP Limit4

Server online 8 Years

Jangan 20% Tax GodEatGod

bandit Bandit  20% Tax SamanYolu

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

Blondinka owned x_MiLleR_x

Blondinka owned x_MiLleR_x

Blondinka owned x_MiLleR_x

Blondinka owned x_MiLleR_x

Blondinka owned x_MiLleR_x

UrProblem owned Alcotester

Alcotester owned sinigami24

sinigami24 owned Alcotester

Alcotester owned sinigami24

Blondinka owned andreu235


Indaial: WTS arena coins

Indaial: WTS letter pack

ThEsIzR: WTB Bow +50

ThEsIzR: WTB Bow +50

ThEsIzR: WTB +50 scroll

Chemical_Man: WTB 2x weps +45 pm me with ur price

sinigami24: wtb kinkong pm me

xWarxRougx: wts 20k 400% speed / 1.2k ctf coin

THE_B0SS: wtb weap +50 --- WTS EU SHILDS +47 // +46 // +44 WITH A

_DeIvInAtOr_: wtb d14 +50 wep

Unique kill history

Mephosis killed Venefica

BatRako killed Launatune

ESTAROSA killed BendiS

ESTAROSA killed Uruchi

ESTAROSA killed Evil Mangyang

mofa killed Geenie

Indaial killed Captain Ivy

Indaial killed Lord Yarkan

Indaial killed Isyutaru

Indaial killed Apis

ExaySRO Trailer