FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

You can perform a Reborn on characters with lvl 130 that meet requirements.
After Reborn, your character will be set to level 1 with stats reset!
Every Reborn will add 10 free stat points.
After 35 Reborns, you need to pay gold to perform reborn (under 35 are FREE)
Set, Accessories and Shields can be purchased from Shop area.
Bound Weapons (untradeable) from Event NPC in Shop area.
Clean Weapons you can get with quest "Sea of resentment collection" from General Senmute in Alexandria.
For more info and video guide check our Wiki HERE
Most frequent errors you may encounter.
For more info and how to fix or report Click to go Forum - C2,C5,C7,C8,C9,C10
Click to go Forum - mBot & Setup Guide.
Please do not email or create ticket support with BOT issue, only on forums.
With main teleport stone in Jangan
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ExaySRO Teleport
JC is our currect currency system in ExaySro. 1 JC = 2bill gold, So 10jc = 20b ill and so on.
You can also sell JC to other players for Silk. To be exact currently 10jc=100 silk to avoid scam and overpriced.
JC can also be obtainable if you do Daily Quest in Newbie town, after killing 2500 ong you will be rewarded.

P.S. Please read description of coin and do not sell more then 2 at once to NPC
If you find someone to sell you silks in game, there are few things you need to know.

1) Minimum amount is 25000 silks, you can't buy less from player.
2) This should not be Vote silks or Silks you purchase from other players before. Only Silks you purchase yourself!
3) Both Buyer and Seller should email exaysro@gmail.com with request, example:

"I wish to buy XXXX Silks from player with name: Player_NAME_HERE, I pay him XXXX JC, or Item +XX.
My character name is: YOUR_CHARNAME_HERE
I have already PAID (or I didn't paid)"

Same apply to seller, just change BUY to SELL.
You can get +25 (if AdvD used, or +21 without) Bonus for every Weapon/Shield Egy A or B from NPC that you can buy with 10k Silks
Also you get 2 FREE Rollbacks for this item, check here how to request rollback - ExaySRO Rollback System

To request Bonus, send email with this info to   exaysro@gmail.com
Item type:
Item should be in Page 1, Slot 1 in your inventory.

Please read

1) If you didn't purchase this item from your account with your silks, you CAN'T apply for bonus.
2) If you buy this item from other players, you CAN'T apply for bonus.
3) If you sell trade this item to another char and after get it back, you CAN'T apply for bonus.
4) You can't give item back to player that purchase it to get bonus.
5) Trying to cheat me will result in punishment for your character.

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China vs Euro

China 55.56% China
Euro 44.44% Euro

Online:132 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999x

Gold & Drop75x


IP Limit4

hotan Hotan 20% Tax Mortals

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

BlackJack91 owned TygaBob

SoundTrack owned Mircea

SoundTrack owned Mircea

Mircea owned SoundTrack

Striky owned SoundTrack

Stuny owned SoundTrack

SoundTrack owned Mircea

SoundTrack owned Mircea

Mircea owned SoundTrack

SoundTrack owned Mircea


Striky: WTB blue crit stone sharpnes

DayNine: WTB silk, pm me with amount and price )))

_ImbaGer_: WTB 14D STAFF +0^^

DayNine: WTB silk, pm with amount and price )))

BlackJack91: WTB TIMON's LUCK, pm me!

_ImbaGer_: WTS 30K Arena Coin PM ME + OFFER

DayNine: WTB silk, pm me with amount and price :)

TIMON_: wtb +35+36 weapon

ManutzyRo_: wts staff +20 pm

barmanBOSS: WTS full collection from Dragon flag, or part of them!

Unique kill history

TheWindSlave killed Thief Boss Kalia

TheWindSlave killed Geenie

SoundTrack killed Isyutaru

TheWindSlave killed KotyS

TheWindSlave killed Grande Zielkiaxe

TryM3 killed Kidemonas

TheWindSlave killed Giant Overlord

Stuny killed SoSo Viper [Titan]

MANOLYABOW killed BendiS

Striky killed Isyutaru