₿itcoins x2 Silks + Fire 🔥  

100€ in Bitcoins = 2.500.000 x2 + 30000🔥
50€ in Bitcoins = 1.125.000 x2 + 13000🔥
25€ in Bitcoins = 500.000 x2 + 5000🔥
10€ in Bitcoins = 150.000 x2 + 1500🔥

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Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum or any other crypto corrency fall under bitcoins rates.
Bitcoin address: 1ExaySropRxZ9QNu3ewKnjYbp7aYNDvarA
Litecoin address: LaES2dc3kuMYmfsVXZwfcEgZAvQsmEVHcV
Ethereum address: 0xaB9558D384905c130DFf3F43b1eCDf41fd0B421C

Where to get Bitcoins? It's all about your Country.

For questions how to buy Bitcoins/Litecoins - email at:      exaysro@gmail.com or send a PM in Telegram.

Other Payment methods

There are also other methods to buy this packs, like Revolut, Bitcoin, PaySafeCard, Yandex, Netflix, Gift cards, Skrills, Amazon Italy (sometimes Steam $USD only, XBOX Gift Cards in EURO) and other methods, depending from your Country.
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Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.48% China
Euro 44.52% Euro

Online:84 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999

Gold & Drop100

Max Reborns200

Free Reborns100

IP Limit4

Server online! 9 Years

Jangan 20% Tax StepDads

bandit Bandit  20% Tax Divinity

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief
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Last PvP

ll_Pride_ll owned Naniiccr24

Naniiccr24 owned ll_Pride_ll

ll_Pride_ll owned Naniiccr24

ll_Pride_ll owned Naniiccr24

x_Kratos_x owned MicaelaVnzla

x_Kratos_x owned MicaelaVnzla

MicaelaVnzla owned x_Kratos_x

MicaelaVnzla owned x_Kratos_x

x_Kratos_x owned MicaelaVnzla

x_Kratos_x owned EzShooter


MicaelaVnzla: wtb arena , glas, pouch

XStormXADOXX: WTS Atack pet Gold Horn 250k sillk lvl 150 no name..NPC

Junky: wtb ice skin

XStormXADOXX: WTS 2k Hp+10.000....2K..MP+10.000..scroll

XStormXADOXX: WTS 2K Speed 400%..2K Acuraccy 100%...2K Evasion 10

XStormXADOXX: WTS 100k Gold Bags..for 2.m sillk..Npc price 2.5 m sil

XStormXADOXX: WTs RARE Avatar dress..Asassin Cred..You Cant buy from

Junky: wtb wind huter M avatar

Junky: wts HeadKnights full avatar pvp blue opt

Junky: wts 60k gb 1m silk

Unique kill history

hugo127 killed KotyS

wastl killed Grande Zielkiaxe

Naniiccr24 killed Venefica

Naniiccr24 killed Magical RoC

MicaelaVnzla killed Bone Roc

Naniiccr24 killed Evil Mangyang

Naniiccr24 killed Kidemonas

Naniiccr24 killed Demon Venefica

Naniiccr24 killed Thief Boss Kalia

hugo127 killed BeakYung The White Viper

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ExaySRO Trailer