Black Firday Events

Alchemy Madness Event

Charname Strikes Fire Reward Title Time
Chemical_Man205000AlchemistNov 27 01:20:57
GladoWar203000-Nov 27 01:26:44
ChainSaw202000-Nov 27 21:41:04
AllBoutThatB151500-Nov 27 00:46:56
Mephosis151500-Nov 27 02:38:38
Elfinia151500-Nov 27 20:51:38

Unique Slayer Rank

Rank Player Uniques Slayed
1 UnBreakable_ 208
2 MrPresident 102
3 BuffQueen 88
4 Elfinia 45
5 Loading 42
6 Chemical_Man 38
7 Born_AngeL 29
8 xKimuth 25
9 j3nca 21
10 _Mariany84_ 14

Unique Slayer:

Top 10 Unique killers from 27 November 00:01 to 28 November 23:59
1) 5000
2) 4000
3) 3500
4) 3000
5) 2500
6) 2000
7) 1500
8, 9, 10) - > 1000
* You can win only once over all your accounts.
Count only Uniques you see the notice and show in Website log spawn.
Do not count Uniques from GM Events if there are any.

Alchemy Madness:

Period: 27 November from 00:01 to 28 November 23:59
First one to make a 20 strikes in a row for 1 item (any D14 Weapons only, no shield, no set or acc part) will get 5000 Fire Crystals
2nd 20 strikes 3000 Fire3
3rd 20 strikes 2000 Fire
First 3 to make 15 strikes will receive 1500 Fire`s.
* You can win only once over all your accounts.
* Item should be D14 Weapons only, no shield, no set or acc part (D14, D14 Event, Egy A/B, Flame weapons).
* You are not allowed to use any plus scroll after starting the alchemy.
* Minimum plus to start is +5 and higher.
* During the alchemy process you are not allowed to add any Immortal, Steady, Luck to the item. (add these stones before starting to plus and after you have failed the item).
Basically I have to see in logs only +6,7,8,9... and so on, any other manipulation with Weapon like adding Immortal, Steady, Lucky stones will disqualify the try.
* There is no time limit while this can be done (during the event).
* Alchemy should be on the same item from the start to the end.
* There is no need to screenshot your progress (just if you need it for yourself) or save bot logs.
I will check all this info on server logs.
* You can`t move Weapon to another character(trade/stall), storage, pet or guild storage during alchemy process.
When you hit the strikes PM me (Navmesh) in Telegram, Discord or send email, all info you can find on Server Team page.
Will win the one who has done it first (not who pm first). Final call for PMs is 12 hours after the event ends.

! You can win in both Unique and Alchemy events, but in one event only once !

P.S. all Date/Time are Server Time - Berlin time (GMT+1)
Check the clock under login panel/AccountCP menu.

Login Panel

Server Information

Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.34% China
Euro 44.66% Euro

Online:184 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999 x8 Event

Gold & Drop100 x8 Event

Max Reborns185

Free Reborns100

IP Limit4

Server online 8 Years

Jangan 20% Tax BanMe

bandit Bandit  20% Tax GodEatGod

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

Equity owned DELETE

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned God™

ZXZu owned God™


Indaial: WTS arena coins

Bazon: WTB WEP D14 +50 I PAY 100K SILIKS PM ME

Melania: WTB 2k exays coins

Melania: WTS set+acc +25adv fb/ devil +35 (M) (F)/ glaive d10 +5

S3xyM3xy: WTS 2k Letters pm me

ThunderBolt_: WTB letters // WTS +35 scrolls

Lethal4You: wts letters packs 2,5k letters for 100k silk or 5k gb p

Taterthot: WTB D14 GARM SET FULL + ACC


S3xyM3xy: WTS 2k Letters from each letter pm me

Unique kill history

Indaial killed Geenie

_Alzheimer_ killed Apis

Apple® killed Captain Ivy

Indaial killed Venefica

Apple® killed Lord Yarkan

_Mariany84_ killed Thief Boss Kalia

Apple® killed Evil Mangyang

Indaial killed Isyutaru

_Mariany84_ killed Launatune

_Mariany84_ killed Harrison

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