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Server Information

Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 54.89% China
Euro 45.11% Euro

Online:122 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999

Gold & Drop75

Max Reborns100

IP Limit4

Server online 5 Years

Jangan 20% Tax GodEatGod

bandit Bandit  20% Tax _xEvolution_

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

Alphabet owned LocoCoco

LocoCoco owned BlaZin_Boy

Born_AngeL owned Apocalypse

Apocalypse owned Born_AngeL

Apocalypse owned Odyssey

Odyssey owned Odyss3y

Odyssey owned Odyss3y

Born_AngeL owned Odyss3y

Born_AngeL owned Odyss3y

SaBuSa owned GoldenSeries


_Miyakee: WTT WEapon +34 for Spear / WTT x3 WEapons +34 and shiel

_Miyakee: WTS x3 weapons +34 and x3 shield +34 or WTT for weapon

papiChulo_: wtb exay silk <3

papiChulo_: wts shield +4 flame xD

papiChulo_: wtb exay silk

fEfE: WTS egy spear +45 100% stats pm offer....

fEfE: WTS egy spear +45 100% stats pm me...

Thezer_xD: WTT BOW DG14 +35 + BLADER DG14 +34 FOR BLADER +35++++

_FREEHiT_: WTS Dragon flag female 7/7 pm me....

Thezer_xD: WTS BOW +35 DG14

Unique kill history

_LasTSHoT_ killed BendiS

_Miyakee killed Harrison

Theif killed Captain Ivy

Theif killed Uruchi

Theif killed Tiger Girl

_Miyakee killed Launatune

Theif killed Magical RoC

Shut_up killed Geenie

Shut_up killed Kidemonas

_FREEHiT_ killed BendiS