Buy Silks x8 Event + Fire 🔥

  Buy Silks x8 Event and get 🔥 Fire Crystals!
10€ = 150.000 x8 + 1500 🔥

25€ = 500.000 x8 Silks + 5000 🔥

50€ = 1.125.000 x8 Silks + 13000 🔥

50€ = 1.125.000 x8 = 9.000.000 Silks + 13000 🔥
25€ = 500.000   x8 = 4.000.000 Silks + 5000 🔥
10€ = 150.000   x8 = 1.200.000 Silks + 1500 🔥

25€ = 25.000 Fire Crystals ( !not scroll )


To request Silks, send email to or send a PM in Telegram.

TransactionID: (you will see it after payment is done)

Other Payment methods x8 Event

There are also other methods to buy this packs, like Revolut, Bitcoin, PaySafeCard, Yandex, Netflix, Gift cards, Skrills, Amazon Italy (sometimes Steam $USD only, XBOX Gift Cards in EURO) and other methods, depending from your Country.
Click on this Buttons to find out more, or pm Navmesh in Telegram or Email:


Login Panel

Server Information

Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.34% China
Euro 44.66% Euro

Online:183 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999 x8 Event

Gold & Drop100 x8 Event

Max Reborns185

Free Reborns100

IP Limit4

Server online 8 Years

Jangan 20% Tax BanMe

bandit Bandit  20% Tax GodEatGod

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

Equity owned DELETE

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned S3xyM3xy

ZXZu owned God™

ZXZu owned God™


Apple®: WTS Shield + 50 100% // acc + 25 adv CH fb PM ME

Indaial: WTS arena coins

Indaial: WTS arena coins

Bazon: WTB WEP D14 +50 I PAY 100K SILIKS PM ME

Melania: WTB 2k exays coins

Melania: WTS set+acc +25adv fb/ devil +35 (M) (F)/ glaive d10 +5

S3xyM3xy: WTS 2k Letters pm me

ThunderBolt_: WTB letters // WTS +35 scrolls

Lethal4You: wts letters packs 2,5k letters for 100k silk or 5k gb p

Taterthot: WTB D14 GARM SET FULL + ACC

Unique kill history

Apple® killed Giant Overlord

Indaial killed Cerberus

Indaial killed Geenie

_Alzheimer_ killed Apis

Apple® killed Captain Ivy

Indaial killed Venefica

Apple® killed Lord Yarkan

_Mariany84_ killed Thief Boss Kalia

Apple® killed Evil Mangyang

Indaial killed Isyutaru

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