Rollback system

  For requests email at: or send PM for questions in Telegram.

Rollback your failed Weapon,Shield,Set part or accessories.

If you failed your Weapon plus - you can recover it.
(or destroyed, if destroy you will need NEW item where ONLY plus will be added and lose rollbacks count).
For Example: Your item was +35 you try +36 and fail, you can get it back to +35.

Weapons from +21 to +29 = 10.000 Silks
Weapons from +30 to +34 = 25.000 Silks
Weapons from +35 to +40 = 50.000 Silks
Weapons from +41 to +45 = 100.000 Silks

Every 4th Rollback is free, you also get +1 to your item.
Every 10th Rollback you get +5 bonus plus to your item.
How is calculated 10th rollback: 1,2,3 paid 4th free, 4,5,6 paid 7th free, 7,8,9 paid 10th free.

Price for Set/Accs is equal with item plus.
Example: you failed Hands or Ring from +15 to +16, rollback to +15 will cost 15000 (+16 will be 16000 and so on).
Every 4th Rollback is free, you also get +1 to your item.
Every 10th Rollback you get +3 bonus plus to your item.

Would be better to keep your failed item, to find it easier in logs.
All this will be done manually, so you have to request on email.

Weapons and Shields: Max plus allowed is +45 with AdvD and +41 without AvdD

Set parts and Accessories: Max plus allowed is +35 with AdvD and +31 without AvdD

Warning for everyone, stop at +45 wep/shield or +35 set/acc because if you will success after, I will rollback it to +45/35
(or ban you on second try, doesn't matter success or fail).
If you will fail after +45 - rollback will cost 250k silks, +35 set/acc will be 100k

P.S. items should be unequipped in your inventory, Page 1 Slot 1(2,3,4,5,6 etc)

To request this, send email with this info to

Item(s) AND plus:
Date/Month when was failed:

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